CarnEvil 4 is a 2009 horror/thriller film about another hidden gruesome carnival of evil, which is also actived by inserting a special token into a jester skull on top. The "Casualty Busters" travel to that location in Pennsylvania and go on the same exact scavenger hunt as in the first film. A light gun arcade game adaption was developed by Midway Games and was released for the arcade only in the Summer of 2009, which features the players using rapid fire machine guns as their weapons.

CarnEvil 4


Directed by
Stephen King

{{#if: Produced by|

Produced by
Robert Zemeckis
Stephen King
Tuck Webster

Jack Morrison
Dan Yates
Donald Faison
Nat Stewart

Peter Jasper
Music by
Newton Royal
Gulf Media
Distributed by
Warner Bros.
Release Date
June 12, 2009
Running time
107 minutes
United States
Preceded by

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