Carmelita Ate One Too Many is a sketch from Random Klips.

Season: 4

Episode: 4

Length: 0:52

Cast: Grey Griffin (Carmelita), Kevin Miller (Sly), Presciliana Esparolini (Mz Ruby), Annette Toutoghi (Penelope), Chris Murphy (Murray)

Characters: Carmelita Fox, Mz. Ruby, Penelope, Sly Cooper, Murray, Bentley

Segment Summary: Sly had dared Carmelita to break some rules by stealing food from Muggshot's tent and bring it back to everyone else. After she ate too many ice cream sandwiches and threw up over the porch, Sly said "So, the Inspector has a dark side", and said that if she wanted to really do something bad, she should kiss him, to which Carmelita said that wasn't going to happen, and he said, "Fine, enjoy a peanut butter-less life" to which she responded, "Fine, enjoy prison," and to which he said, "I will." Carmelita then turned him around and kissed him, and Murray congratulates Sly.

Themes: Bodily Functions, Food & Drink, Kissing, Squick, Vomit

Allusions: The Sly Cooper Series, "Total Drama Island" Episode "Basic Straining"[1]

Trivia / Info:

  • The third part of the Klip
  • Carmelita's belch is similar to that of Brave's Queen Elinor during her uncomfortable transformation into a bear.
  • Bentley has no lines in this sketch. The only line Mz. Ruby had was a laugh.
  • Carmelita is the one that initiates a kiss with Sly this time.


  • Penelope: Okay, I think you've had enough.
  • Carmelita: [giggles] Oh, no no no. Just one more. [snatches the ice cream sandwich from Penelope, stuffs it in her mouth, munches it, then burps] Oohf... yeah, that was one too many. [starts running outside with her hand over her mouth as her cheeks puff up]
  • Mz. Ruby: Hahaha!
  • Carmelita: [vomits]
  • Sly: [appears to Carmelita's right] So, the Inspector has a dark side...
  • Carmelita: Ok... that was disgusting... but even though I knew what I did was bad, I felt such a rush and just couldn't stop!
  • Sly: If you enjoy feeling that way, you could always give me that kiss.
  • Carmelita: [turned around with her arms crossed] Not gonna happen, Ringtail.
  • Sly: Fine, enjoy a peanut butter-less life.
  • Carmelita: Fine, enjoy prison.
  • Sly: I will.
  • Carmelita: [turns around and kisses Sly on the lips. She walks off as Sly has a dreamy look on his face as Murray and Bentley appear to his right]
  • Murray: [puts his arm around Sly] AW, YEEEEAH!
  • Sly: Told you she wanted me.



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