Physical appearance

Steven was fairly short for his age, and had a slight, along with skinny appearance. When transformed by the "Super Soldier Serum", he became much more taller and well-muscled, and faster. He has short blond hair and light blue eyes. He typically wears his white undershirt or when going out, his motorcycle jacket over his costume. His original Captain America uniform was comprised of a mostly blue tunic, white sleeves, and red gloves and boots. On his tunic, a stylized star was visible, along with red and white strips around his mid-torso to his waist, along with a brown utility belt with various pouches for his equipment. Captain America's uniform is a mix between kevlar and spandex like suit that was much like his original but with a black utility belt and red spandex gloves and combat boots. Rogers wore the new suit right after he came out of the ice.


Captain America is a soldier of honor and noble combat dedicated to fighting for peace, justice, freedom and democracy. He fought HYDRA and the Red Skull very bravely in WWII until he fell on ice and frozen for decades. As he woke up, he mistaken the Avengers as HYDRA agents until the truth was revealed to him by Wasp. After realizing the truth, he went into stupor and put down his shield. He finally went back to battle as he fought Zemo, former leader of HYDRA. He now fights beside the Avengers to make a better world.

Captain America has the ability to talk to anyone in a calm matter, hero or villain. His speeches are known to inspire others and often turn the tide of a battle. With Hulk once, he surprised Hulk with his word (hero) he used to describe him and drove him to fight harder by inspiring him to smash more HYDRA goons, much to Hulk's delight. It is possible that this trait, made Tony Stark believe that he would be a better suited leader than himself.

He seems to have very deep political views, possibly due to his original birth year taking place during World War 2. Steve's sense of justice made him a more difficult opponent to defeat while fighting villains, mainly because, he knew if he failed, the Earth's people and fate would be doomed. He could have given up, due to the many hits he sustained. But instead, he continued to fight and even gave another speech about human's and their overall selves, possibly to encourage himself.

Powers & Abilities

  • Peak human strength
  • Peak Human Level Speed
  • Peak Human Level Agility: Could outperform an Olympic level gymnast with ease. 
  • Peak Human Level Reflexes
  • Peak Human Level Stamina
  • Master martial artist: Steve is an Expert in Martial Art's mainly in Western boxing, along with Karate, judo, Jiu Jitsu and Army Combative training. 
  • Expert gymnast
  • Master strategist
  • Shield expert
  • Expert vehicular driver

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