Caillou Goes To Africa is a segment that will be featured on Youtube Poop Madness.


Caillou and his family go on a trip to Africa, but Caillou plays around and ends up blowing the plane up, but they survive and after Caillou mentions he forgot to brush his teeth, Dr. Rabbit shows up, but his image is censored due to the SOPA and PIPA act, and because Colgate refused to have his image shown.

Later, a speech against homosexuals is given, but Caillou, not knowing what the speaker is talking about, takes the opposite argument, and everyone chases him out.

A hot air balloon is ready to carry Caillou and his family out of Africa, but he arrives too late and they leave him behind, leaving the tribes people to get Caillou, and it doesn't end well for him.

Characters Appearing

  • Caillou
  • Gilbert
  • Rosie
  • Boris
  • Doris
  • Random plane passengers (live action)
  • Ren Hoek (hand only)
  • Dr. Rabbit (Censored image due to Colgate not allowing his image to be used for copyright)
  • Little Girl
  • Tribespeople
  • Ugandan Speech Giver
  • People listening to speech
  • Ganon (voice only)

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