Commission punk biker bunnie rabbot design by zeiram0034-d5t3dui
Bunnie Rabbot's Newest Look She Came Up With During Her Time With The Freedom Fighters Much Like Undertaker's Only Bunnie Wears Her Light Purple Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Yellow/White Stomach Black/Silver Belt Dark Blue Shorts And Dark Blue High Heels She Worn Dark Blue Gloves And An Dark Blue Jacket Bunnie Retains Her Smiles, Caring, Kind, Thoughtful, Helpful, Loyal And Considerate Personality Bunnie Also Has An Motorcycle Which She Uses To Travel On Whereas Jonathan Uses His Turbo Skates To Travel Which Bunnie Upgraded For Him She Also Has Goggles On Top Of Her Head

History And Conception

When Bunnie Was Just Fitting Into Her Role With The Freedom Fighters Sally's Costly Mistake Causes The Freedom Fighters To Disband Bunnie Tells Us That She Has Two Other Daughters Michelle Rabbot (An Light Yellow Rabbit That Wore Bunnie's SATAM Attire, Black Pants And White Sneakers) And Jessica Rabbot (An Orange Rabbit That Wore An Pink Swimsuit Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach She Wore An Dark Brown And Silver Belt She Wore Dark Purple Pants And Pink/White Sneakers She Also Wore An Dark Purple Jacket With Light Purple Sleeves) Michelle And Jessica Would Join Bunnie On Her Adventures As Secondary Characters But Were Made Starting Characters

Teaming Up With The Female Hedgehogs And Echidnas

When Bunnie, Jessica And Michelle Rabbot Arrived On Westopolis On Their Motorcycles They Saw An Pink Female Rabbit Who Wore An White Tubetop Which Showed Her Big Boobs And Pink/White Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Shorts She Worn An Red Jacket And Had Long Orange Hair Named Rose The Rabbit (Rose Renamed Herself Rose Rabbot) Another Rabbit Was An Dark Brown Female Rabbit Who Had Long Purple Hair Medium Brown Beak She Worn An Yellow Ski Tanktop Which Had Three White Squares On It With A Line On It She Wore Black/Yellow Pants She Wore Black/Yellow Heels With Three White Squares On It Named Sabre The Rabbit (Sabre Rabbot) They Both Joined The Rabbots The Rabbots Met Up With Spinda The Echidna Who Told Them That Robotnik Had Stolen The Chaos Emeralds And Was Planning On Obliterating Westopolis Problem Was Westopolis Had An Strict Government Which Went Into Effect When Bunnie Became It's Protector And So They Chase After Robotnik Which The Rabbots Used Their Turbo Skates To Chase After Robotnik Followed By The Female Hedgehogs And Echidnas They Finally Reached Robotnik's Base In Robotropolis Bunnie Used Her Laser Pointer To Destroy The Door Which Leads Into The Base Once Inside They Discovered That Willow The Hedgehog Was Hanging On The Wall With The Cuffs Stuck To Her Body Willow Begged Bunnie To Help Her Bunnie Didn't Know What To Do Until Bunnie Got An Idea And Asked Spinda The Echidna If She Could Demonstrate Her Special Ability "The Beam Blaster" Spinda Obliged As She Fired Her Blaster At The Steel Cuffs Resulting In Them Exploding And Willow Being Free This Version Of Willow However Is Much More Enticing, More Powerful Than Her Normal Self And So They Set Off To Find Robotnik Unbeknownst To Them That Robotnik Had His Female Hedgehogs Ready To Attack Them They Overpower Them And They Get To Robotnik Who Was About To Put The Chaos Emeralds Into His Doomsday Eclipse Cannon Until Titania The Hedgehog Tackled Him To The Ground Causing The Emeralds To Go Flying Bunnie Catches The Emeralds And Robotnik Was Hauled Off To Jail

The March Of The Prelates

While They Were In Bunnie's Pad In Westopolis Bunnie Received An Signal From Her Laptop Showing Her The Location Of The Prelates During This Time They Were All Lounging At And Prelate Amy Rose Runs Into A Wall And Falls Backwards Bunnie Instantly Gets An Idea And Snatches Prelate Amy Rose Up For Observation And Testing Prelate Amy Rose Was Later Put In A Stabilizer Which Analyzes Her Data And She Emerges From The Stabilizer As Their Newest Weapon Prelate Amy Rose Expressed Her Gradititude And Showed Her Loyalty To Them Demonstrating Her Unique Powers And Abilities She Is Often Used For Spying On Other Prelates And Reporting Activities To Them Prelate Amy Rose Now Comes With An HUD Display Counter Which She Finds Useful For Displaying Subjects Of Interest Whom She Considers Easy Targets For Her She Is Also An Reliable Source Of Useful Information Seeing That She Has An 900 IQ

The Alliance Is Formed

They Allied Together Causing Problems From Other Criminal Organizations With Prelate Amy Rose On Board With This They Become Much More Powerful With Unique Abilities To Them They Were Known As "The Freedom Fighters"

Comics (Appearances In Chronological Order)

Titania The Hedgehog (Archie 1993)-They Made Their Debuts In Issue #1 And Appear In Every Issue After That They Were Known As "The Biker Rabbots" An Group Of Female Biker Mercenaries That Have Guns Equipped

Desi The Echidna/Spinda The Echidna/Shade The Echidna (Archie 1993-Present) They Once Again Appear As The Biker Rabbots Where They Help The Echidnas Which Would Start The Alliance Between The Female Hedgehogs, Echidnas And Themselves


Jonathan The Hedgehog (2005 Movie)-They Appear In The Movie As Jonathan's Faithful Helpers

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