• Zig Zag: Falls in a pond of Purple Gloop before the Earthquake and gets arrested after the earthquake. He later escapes and reforms in Brendam: There and Back Again: A Pony's Tale by Rey.
  • Helga: Falls to her death in a chasmic river.
  • Francis Robespierre: Gets arrested by the police.
  • Karl: In the first film, he reforms and becomes a protagonist. In the final film, falls to his death in a waterfall before he could kill the crocodiles.
  • Chauncey: In the first film, he reforms and becomes a protagonist. In the final film, he falls to his death with his owner in a waterfall.
  • Eugene Clark: Escapes the purple gloop, mourns the loss of his younger brother, sadly walks away, reforms and becomes a protagonist.
  • Dernard: Punished by his mom Cynthia (2nd film). Gets scared by the Enchantress, launched to Bermuda by Bernard and the Guardians of Brendam and eaten alive by a monster along with Pepe (4th film).
  • Carlos: Gets crushed by the crumbled volcano and exploded by the volcano's lava
  • Carlos' henchcards: Get killed with their boss
  • Prince John: Gets crushed by a boulder in the final scene
  • The Bears: Get arrested by the police in the final scene
  • Henry J. Smek: Gets hit by Toto with a golf ball near the film's final battle, gets exiled from Brendam by Bernard using a portal making shock collar.
  • Palpatine: Gets trapped by Bernard in logs as he rescues his friends.
  • Fearless Leader, Boris Badenov & Natasha Fatale: Get exiled from the island by Bernard as he saves his fellow guardians.
  • Ernest of the Cross: Gets defeated by Bernard and his friends's trap and it comes to an end with Toto and Joe's Prank-Me-Not Poncho that floats him to the moon.
  • Pepe: Gets attacked by Bernard with the Guardians' help but reforms and helps Bernard defeat Ernest. At the end, he dances with his friends.
  • Count Roderick Von Zipper: Gets hit by Bernard, driving Lovelace's car.
  • Kyle: Cries while watching Ernest fly away, reforms and becomes a protagonist and the new leader of the Settlers. He and Ernest are the only two characters paticipating at the finale dance party of the film.
  • Lawrence "Larry" Quinn: Gets caged and gets tormented by Victor at the end of the film.
  • The Settlers: Reform and return to Ernest, Inc.
  • The Intergalactic Council of Superior Beings: Get killed by the Guardians, accompanied by fireworks.