Evolution Stage Ultimate
Attribute Vaccine
Type Beast Man
Family Nature Spirits, Virus Busters
List of Digimon

Brawl Leomon is a Ultimate (Perfect in japanese version) Digimon that is the partner of Hanabi Hyuga in the Naruto Shippuden/Digimon crossover called Digital Hyuga Chronicles that is made by Ryuu the Ancient Keyblade Master


This digimon is a new digivolved form of Leomon that digivolved to protect his partner Hanabi Hyuga from Skull Greymon within Myotismon's Mansion.

Attack Techniques

Name Description
Brawl King Fist He punchs at his foe which launches a large loin head-shaped blast from his fist at his foe.
Destructive Sword Art: Devil Reaver He slashs his Shishioumaru at his foe while it is overflowing with a powerful aura.
Beast King Roar He unleashs a shockwave from his mouth when he roars outloud.


Evolves From

  • Leomon

Evolves To


  • Hanabi Hyuga

Name Origins

  • Brawl. Leo means Loin.

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