Blueface is a character belonging to DarkHououmon and has made appearances in Counterinsurgency and Sora W.T.K.'s A Sharptooth's Heart II. She is a solid orange color except for her face and tail, which are sky blue. Her claws are white and her eyes are yellow against green. Her main is mostly a slightly darker shade of orange, but the tip is a slighty darker shade of light blue.

Blueface is a Nurse and part of the Rock Ranger pack. She is the mother of Starburst and Midnight's mate. She is one of the three Nurses who help Rex recover from his severe wounds. Blueface is gentle, but can be stern and firm at times.


Blueface was one of Stone's playmates when they were cubbies. While they were close friends, they would never pair up for Stone fell in love with Tree-Star. This didn't bother Blueface however because she had feelings for Midnight.

Blueface followed Stone loyally through his adventures that would lead him to become not only a hero, but the new leader. Blueface was happy because she did not want Fire to become the new leader.

When she grew up, Blueface become a Nurse and her knowledge of illnesses and treatments turned her into a sort of medical book for the Rock Ranger pack. Not long afterward, she become Midnight's mate, and they soon had a daughter of their own.

When her daughter, Starburst, started to have visions of the future, a dire warning, she immediately went to Stone ASAP and told him about it. Together they learned it had to do with the Darkarians and they prepared for battle.


Blueface is one of the nurses who helped Rex after Axel nearly killed him. Her encyclopedia-like knowledge of illnesses and treatments was just what the Rock Rangers needed to fix up Rex's wounds.

Any future involvement in A Sharptooth's Heart II is currently unknown.


Blueface remains a Nurse when Emerald becomes leader. She is at first suspicious, recalling how rambuctious he used to be. But after a while she soon grew to respect him as much as she respected Stone. While she misses Stone and Tree-Star dearly, she continues her duties with the pack as one of the best Nurses around.

Unfortunately, she is one of the alimons killed by Spino when the beast attacks their home. She is killed protecting both her first-born daughter Starburst along with their new son, Cobalt, a solid-blue male, from Spino's claws and jaws.