160px-Digimon noimage

Evolution Stage Champion
Attribute Vaccine
Type Light Dragon
Family Dragon's Roar, Nature Spirits, Virus Busters
List of Digimon

Blue-Eyes OrbDramon is a Champion (Adult in the Japanese version) Digimon that takes on the form of a glowing white ball that follows Seto Kaiba around which appears in a Upcoming Digimon & Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover made by Ryuu the Ancient Keyblade Master.


This digimon is the de-digivolved form of Blue-Eyes WhiteDramon after the battle with Neo Devimon, Kaiba was little annoyed with this digimon and called it a "Annoying Lil Pixie".

Attack Techniques

Name Description
Flash of Blinding Light It unleashs a blinding flash of light that blinds and stuns its foe.
Static Shockwave It unleashs some static blasts from its body at its foes.


Evolves From

  • None

Evolves To


  • Seto Kaiba

Name Origins

  • Blue-Eyes comes from the card's original name "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Orb. Dra is short for Dragon.

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