160px-Digimon noimage

Evolution Stage Mega
Attribute Vaccine
Type Cyborg
Family Dragon's Roar, Nature Spirits, Wind Guardians, Virus Busters, Metal Empire
List of Digimon

Blue-Eyes MetaDramon is a Mega (Ultimate in japanses versions) Digimon that is the partner of Seto Kaiba and Tai Kamiya in the Yugioh!/Digimon crossover.


This digimon is a DNA combined form of Blue-Eyes WhiteDramon and Metal Greymon that happened during their fight with Barbamon.

Attack Techniques

Name Description
Giga Destruction Breath It unleashs a massive stream of energy from its mouth at its foes.
Metal Giga Claw It slashs its metallic arm at its foes.


Evolves From

Evolves To

  • -None-


  • Seto Kaiba & Tai Kamiya

Name Origins

  • Blue-Eyes comes from the card's original name Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Meta is short for Metal. Dra is short for Dragon.

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