Evolution Stage Mega
Attribute Virus
Type Unholy Knight
Family Metal Empire, Nightmare Soldiers, Virus Busters, Wind Guardians
Group Tainted Knights
List of Digimon

Black Omnimon is a Mega (Ultimate in japanese versions) Digimon that appears in Digital Hyuga Chronicles that is the DNA Digivolved form of Black War Greymon and Black Metal Garurumon.


Black Omnimon will be a upcoming villian in the Digital Hyuga Chronicles that was created by Lilithmon.

Attack Techniques

Name Description
Transcendent Sword He extends a blade from the Black War Greymon helmet on his left arm and attacks.
Supreme Cannon He fires blasts of blue energy from the cannon on his right arm.
Dark Meteor He summons up dark energy over his head into a massive ball of darkness that he flings down at his foes.
Garuru Cannon He fires a large blast of energy from a cannon on one of his arms.


Evolves from

  • Black War GreymonX + Black Metal GarurumonX

Evolves into

  • -none-


  • None.

Name Origin

  • Black. Omni means all.

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