Main Characters

Jonathan Washington/The Undertaker/Bethany Simpson-Evolution Of The Undertaker Started At WWF Survivor Series (1990) As He Debuted As The Western Mortician In 1994 However An Back Injury Destroyed Jonathan's Entire WWF Career Maggie Was Saddened By The News As He Goes In For A Operation On His Back Bethany Simpson Who Was 6"10 And 328 Pounds Physically Was Stronger And More Durable Than Jonathan But Yet She Debuted In 1994 In A Tag Team Match With Lisa Simpson She Headlined Wrestlemania 13 (1997) Winning Her First WWF Championship She Was In WWF (1994-1999) Until She Officially Retired She Racked Up 42 Championships And 40 Tag Team Titles She Had Tattoos On Her Arms As Well

Maggie Simpson-She Was Often Mistaken For Jonathan Maggie Wore An Black Sleeveless Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Yellow Stomach Black Jeans Purple High Socks And Purple Gloves She Had Yellow Long Hair Maggie's Personality Was Kind And Considerate Ironically She Was Jonathan's First Manager In 1990 She Was Bethany Simpson's Manager And Lover In 1994 As It Was Portrayed In Various Storylines Fun Fact: Maggie Had Tattoos On Both Of Her Arms Much Like Undertaker Himself

Lisa Simpson-She Wore The Same Clothes As Maggie And Bethany

Zia Simpson-She Wore The Same Clothes As Lisa, Maggie And Bethany

Lauren Simpson-She Had The Same Clothes

Other Characters (Simpson Girls And Family)

Ashley Simpson-Despite Being The Youngest Ashley Is Actually Stronger Than One Believes

Kirsten Simpson-Physically Strong And Is Very Intimidating In Her Deadman Gimmick She Loves To Fight Crime

Marianna Simpson-The Hot, Sexy, Attractive And Intelligent Young Girl Can Help Out In Any Way Fun Fact: Marianna Is The Youngest Of Them All

Michelle Simpson-The Most Beautiful And Attractive Female Simpson Girl Around

Darcy Simpson-The Best Deadman Gimmick She Had Worn (She Forms The New Union In 1998 To Combat Corporate Ministry)

Julie Simpson-The Mother And The Founder Of The New Union She Also Wears The Same Clothing As Lisa And Has Tattoos On Her Arms As Well

All Sonic Characters And Villains

Scene 1: The Debut Of Undertaker (1990)

  • At WWF Survivor Series (1990)*
  • Undertaker Being Led Into The Ring By Maggie Simpson*

Jonathan: *Wearing His Western Mortician Outfit*

  • Hours Later*

Jonathan: I On My Way

Scene 2: The Back Injury And Career Ends And Begins (1994)

  • Hours Later*

Jonathan: *Picks Up The Brooklyn Brawler And Gives Him A Tombstone Piledriver* *His Back Snaps* Uh Oh

  • During Rehab*
  • Poof*

Bethany Simpson: Oh Crap I Can't Believe I Just Broke My Back But Luckily I'm Healed Now Lisa I Think We Can Form An Great Tag Team Championship Team And Contend

Lisa Simpson: *Adjusts Her Long Yellow Hair* *Smiles* I Agree

Kirsten Simpson: I Think We'd Manage You Both

Marianna Simpson: Ooh *Smiles* We All Manage You To The WWF Tag Team Title

Bethany Simpson: I'm Looking To Obtain The WWF Championship *Smiles*

Lisa Simpson: *Smiles And Blushes* I Don't Know If I Had Told You This But I Think I'm In Love With You

Bethany Simpson: *Smiles* Oh My Teeheehee I See An Potential For A Love Triangle Storyline Featuring Us All Pleasing Each Other And Comforting Us All

Maggie Simpson: *Smiles* Oh A Love Triangle This Should Be Good

Marianna Simpson: We Should Probably Be Contenders Cause We're From Death Valley

Zia Simpson: *Smiles* That Tag Team Title Belongs To Us And We Won't Rest Until We Get What We Deserve Which Is The Tag Team Titles

Bethany Simpson: Since The Quebecers Have The Title We Should Challenge Them At Summerslam 1994 For The Title

Lauren Simpson: Yeah

Summerslam 1994 Match Card

Loser Leaves WWF Match

Undertaker (Bethany Simpson) Vs. Undertaker (Brian Lee)

WWF Tag Team Championship Match

Bethany Simpson/Lisa Simpson (The Undertakers) Vs. The Quebecers Special Guest Referee: Bret Hart

WWF Championship Title Match

Undertaker (Bethany Simpson) Vs. Ric Flair (Bethany's First Official Title Shot)

WWF Intercontinental Title Match

Shawn Michaels Vs. Razor Ramon (Ladder Match)

Match 1: Loser Leaves WWF

Undertaker (Bethany Simpson) Vs. Undertaker (Brian Lee)

  • The Match Begins*

Bethany Simpson: *Is Hanged Upside Down* Now's My Chance *Flips Backwards With Brian Lee On Her Abdomen* *Gives Brian 3 Tombstone Piledrivers* *Covers*

  • Ring Rung*

Howard Finkel: Your Winner Of This Match The Undertaker!!!!

Bethany Simpson: *Kneels Down In The Ring*

Maggie Simpson: *Smiles* Your Power Is Outmatched You Have Potential To Be An Champion Someday

Bethany Simpson: *Smiles* Really? Yay!!!!

Match 2: WWF Tag Team Title Match

The Undertakers (Lisa And Bethany Simpson) Vs. The Quebecers

  • The Undertakers Make Their Entrance*

Lisa Simpson: *Smiles* Our First Match For The Title

Bethany Simpson: *Smiles* I Agree We're Great Partners

  • They Enter The Ring*

Lisa Simpson: *Takes Off Her Coat Then Takes Off Her Hat Revealing Her Long Yellow Hair And Her Black Sleeveless Tubetop Showing Her Yellow Stomach Tattoos On Her Arms*

Bethany Simpson: *Does The Same*

  • At The Climax Of The Match*

Lisa Simpson: *Grabs Quebecer 1's Neck*

Bethany Simpson: *Grabs Quebecers 2's Neck*

  • They Do A Double Chokeslam*

Lisa Simpson: *Pins Her Opponent*

Bethany Simpson: *Pins Her Opponent*

  • Bell Rings*

Howard Finkel: Your Winners And New World Wrestling Federation Champions Lisa And Bethany Simpson The Undertakers!!!

Lisa Simpson: *Lifts Her World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship Belt In The Air* That's Right We're Champions!!!

Bethany Simpson: *Smiles* It's Great To Be Champions

Match 3: WWF Title Match

The Undertaker (Bethany Simpson) Vs. Ric Flair

  • The Match Begins*

Bethany Simpson: *Grabs Flair's Neck And Chokeslams Him To The Ground* *Pins Him*

  • Bell Rings*

Bethany Simpson: *Raises Her World Wrestling Federation Championship* *Smiles* Well That's My 42nd World Wrestling Federation Championship And I Also Have 40 World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Titles To My Name *Smiles* It's Great Doing Something I Like

Scene 4: Storylines And Formation Of The New Union (1996-1998)

  • Days Before Wrestlemania 12 (1996) In Their New Penthouse In California*

Lauren Simpson: Yay!!!! We Got The Titles

Zia Simpson: I Know!!!! Is It Just Me Or Is My Hair Longer And Not Like A Cloud Shape Cause For Some Reason My Hair Is Different

Ashley Simpson: Your Hair Is Longer

Michelle Simpson: We Each Have Titles To Our Name We Should Form The New Union

Maggie Simpson: Brilliant!!!!

Marianna Simpson: I Like That Idea Already

Darcy Simpson: I Agree

Lisa Simpson: Let's Cuddle!!!!

Bethany Simpson: Yay!!!!

  • They All Get In Bed With Each Other*

Bethany Simpson: *Smiles* We Have Each Other To Hold And Support We Can Become Strong As Family

  • Doorbell Rings*

Lisa Simpson: I'll Get It *Smiles As She Walks Over Towards The Door Opens It* Hello?

Julie Simpson: *Smiles* Hi!!!! I See We're Having An Slumber Party Here Mind If I Joined

Lisa Simpson: Sure!!!!

  • In The Bed With The Simpson Girls*

Bethany Simpson: Oh Goodie You're Here

Julie Simpson: *Her Boobs Jiggle* I Know!!!! I Formed The Union To Confront The Corporate Ministry *Smiles* But We're Gonna Have To Wear Our Normal Clothes And Make Ourselves Attractive, Sexy, Hot And Intelligent

Bethany Simpson: No Problem There We Have Our Normal Clothes We Can Put On

  • Hours Later*

Bethany Simpson: Right Let's Confront The Corporate Ministry

Michelle Simpson: Yeah

Ashley Simpson: Yeah

Maggie Simpson: Yeah

Lisa Simpson: Yeah

Marianna Simpson: Yeah

Lauren Simpson: Agreed

Julie Simpson: *Her Butt Bounces* Let's Go!!!!

Scene 5: The Union-Corporate Ministry Brawl And Disbandment (1998-99)

  • An Fight Breaks Out*

Lisa Simpson: *Knocks Undertaker On His Ass* I Guess When You Decided To Mess With The Wrong Girls This Is What You Get An Ass Beating

Maggie Simpson: *Attacks Members Of The Corporate Ministry* Heh Too Easy

Ashley Simpson: *Attacks Them All* I'm Knocking Them All Down

Darcy Simpson: *Slams Gangrel Into The Wall Headfirst* We're In Charge Here

Michelle Simpson: *Slams Viscera Into The Ground*

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