Beth is a human from Total Drama Island who is known as a Wannabe. She appears in Total Drama Before Time and is best buds with Gwen, Leshawna, Duncan, Cody, Lindsay, and Chomper. She is also Chomper's Partner. Beth and Chomper first met in A New Enemy Approaches: Part 1, when Chomper was stuck in quicksand. Izzy thought Heather was going off to the cave, but it was Beth. A running gag in Total Drama Before Time is that she tricks Rhett into thinking that she lost her retainer so that Duncan can have a turtle bite his tail. They always succeed, and after Rhett get biten, she puts on her retainer in front of him. In Gwen Enters The Mysterious Beyond, she, Spike, Duncan, and Chomper were thinking that Chris would make another season, which will happen after Team Galactic is defeated in A Threehorn Death, so they all form the Two Alliance. Beth has a real life boyfriend named Brady, whom people at first mistook him for a fake person. In Hollywood World, Beth has 4 Pokemon who are pink, and her Japanese name is ベス Besu.

Pokemon in Hollywood World