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Benji Madison is an original character appearing in the Jurassic Park fanfiction Corruption and its sequel Dinosaur Liberation Association.

Before Corruption

Benji attended a party shortly after his eighteenth birthday to celebrate his entry into politics. His then girlfriend Stephanie Maximoff joined him.

After the party, Stephanie opted to drive Benji and another friend home because they were too drunk. While driving, Stephanie crashed the car. Scared, Stephanie put Benji in the driver's seat before calling 911.

The other friend eventually died of his injuries and Benji was arrested for DUI. Stephanie told the current governor Jack Taylor what really happened and Jack payed for Benji to receive the best lawyer in Maryland. Benji took a plea deal and served six months in jail before returning to politics.


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Dinosaur Liberation Association

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Dinosaur Liberation Association

  • 1: Robbery (voice only)
  • 2: Pick a Number
  • 4: Goodbye Maryland
  • 5: Rescue Team
  • 6: Governor Benji Madison
  • 8: Benji's Insanity
  • 10: New Identities
  • 12: My Immortal Memories


  • In the original draft, Benji was self centered and Stephanie was to drop him as a running mate. This was changed as a subplot inadvertently began to revolve around him, making it impossible to remove him from the story