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Three typical average kids love to read their comic strips.On a dare they went inside a haunted spooky mansion,on chance,they freed the ghost who made they Big Bad Beetleborgs! Big Bad Beetleborgs,a year later they back to action with new allies and powers,Beetleborgs Mega,Beetleborgs Mega,Beetleborgs Mega!


The Big BadBeetleborgs Mega are consisted of Jo,Andrew,and Roland(why do people place Roland last?).Their mission is to stop Rita and Nukis from getting the Astral Coins and the Astral Sword.To help them,previous rangers Jason,Billy,Zack,Trini,Kim,and Tommy come to the Hillgurst Mansion to help the Borgs,the battle has just begun

List of (current)Episodes

1:Back to Action part 1 and 2 2:Tommy and Company 3:Shrink-a-dink 4:Alpha? 5:Blackout


Chris Mitchell: Blue Mega Borg

Rachel Haskett: Red Mega Borg is the neurotic best friend of Melissa. She is a sole blonde of the Beetleborgs and comes from a line of former Beetleborgs. The character was supposed to be a successor to the original series' "Daisy" but is on the nicer side.

Camille Nelson: Green Mega Borg is the team's "brain" or over-achiever. She is one of the smartest students on the team.

Former Beetleborg


  • Colin Thomas -
  • Les and Art Fortunes
  • Hillgurst Monsters
  • Melissa Winters-Mitchell - is the most popular girl at Hillgurst High. She is essentially a successor to Heather. She is involved in every school organization. She is also the love interest for Chris Mitchell. She's bubbly and cheery, and usually hangs with her best friends Camille and Rachel.
  • Nano


Rita Finster Goldar Nukis Putty Patrol Neobots

Weapons and gear and zords

Gear:Mega Bonders Weapons:(Blue Mega)Herucles Cannon,(Red Mega)Bug Bow,(Green Mega)Hunter Sword,(Mega)Beetle Cannon Vehicles and Zords:Beetle Cycles,Herucles Climber(Blue Mega),Ladycopter(Red Mega),Hunter Roller(Green Mega),Beetle Mega(Megaborgs)

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