Becky the hedgehog by lunathehedgehog89-d5ulg53

This Is The Much Younger Version Of Becky The Hedgehog She Wore An Red Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs She Had An Black/Yellow Belt Red Jeans And Red Sunglasses With Black Lens On Top Of Her Head Becky Admits She Is The Brilliant Mind Behind The Conception And Success Of Sonic X (It Mainly Focused On Jonathan The Hedgehog And His Adventures)

Pitching Her Idea Of "Sonic X"

So Becky Decided To Revive Sonic X But Instead Of Using Sonic X Cast Becky Demanded That Jonathan The Hedgehog Be Used As The Main Star Amy Was Strongly Opposed To That Seeing As Sonic Was Suitable But Sonic Was The Main Reason Why Sonic X Never Had An Season 3, 4 And 5 With Jonathan Sales Will Skyrocket Amy Was Convinced That Jonathan Was Perfect The Main Cast Had Female Characters That Appear As Jonathan's Friend's And Girlfriends Jessica The Dark And Her Dark Friends Also Appear In The Series As Jonathan's Supporters And Followers Crush 40 Did The Main Theme Of Sonic X Which Was "Sonic Boom" Featuring Cash Cash Showing Jonathan In The Intro Defeating Robots It Garnered Many Awards And Received Excellent Reviews From Critics

Shooting Sonic X

Becky Began Shooting Sonic X At The Mansion

Appearances In TV Series

Sonic X (2003-Present)

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