Becky the Hedgehog Gift by Angel Ivy

Becky The Hedgehog As She Appears Is Becky The Hedgehog From The Alternate Universe She Wears The Same Clothing As Becky Herself She Is Referred To As Young Becky The Hedgehog (Considering Becky Is 13 In The Unaltered Timeline And 16 In The Altered Timeline)

About Becky

Becky Is An Fun Loving Female Blue Hedgehog Who Shares The Same Birthday As Jonathan The Hedgehog (February 1st, 1993) And Were Both Born In The Same State (California)

Unaltered Timeline

In Her Timeline Becky Is An Top Agent Working For GUN To Dispose Of Villains And Cracking Down On Corrupted Activities

Altered Timeline

Becky The Hedgehog Was Sent Directly Into The Future (2005) Arriving In Westopolis Along With Her Friend Becky The Hedgehog, Venus The Hedgehog And Young Venus The Hedgehog They Discover That It Had Been Conquered By Eggman Brainwashing People Into Doing His Bidding So They Team Up With Jonathan The Hedgehog, Ashley The Wolf And Her Friends And Put An End To Eggman's Takeover Which Of Course Was Depicting Eggman Violently Getting His Ass Kicked By Jonathan The Hedgehog

Distant Future

Becky The Hedgehog Now 17 Marries Jonathan The Hedgehog Now 19 They Had One Daughter (Becky The Hedgehog Jr) Together Becky Jr Is Actually 15 Years Old Is Somewhat Much Like Jonathan In Personality Traits But Has Becky's Intelligence She Can Now Do Chaos Control Just Like Jonathan And Chaos Spear Much Like Jonathan That's Something Her Mother Can't Do Becky's Mother Has The Azure Wind Ability Allowing Becky To Spin Like In A Wind Motion And Send Enemies Flying Her Friends Young Venus The Hedgehog And Venus The Hedgehog Often Go On Expeditions Together As An Family Becky Jr Found The Chaos Emeralds Hidden In The Treasure Chest Jonathan Grabs Them

Role In Jonathan The Hedgehog (2005 Movie)

Becky Is An Supporting Character She Is Portrayed As An Good Girl And Jonathan's Trustful Ally Along With Her Friend Becky Jr Both Serve As Allies For Jonathan Along With Brandy The Hedgehog, Venus The Hedgehog And Young Venus The Hedgehog And The New Character (Icing The Hedgehog) As Well As The Cast From Jonathan The Hedgehog (Fanfic)

Appearances In Movies

Jonathan The Hedgehog (2005 Movie)

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