The evil Lord Zedd was thinking up an evil plan to destroy the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Suddenly, he had an idea! He would create a fake Thunder Megazord and send it to attack Angel Grove! Then, when the Power Rangers showed up with the Thunder Megazord, the fake Thunder Megazord would destroy the Power Rangers! Satisfied, Lord Zedd created the fake Thunder Megazord! Zedd needed a monster to pilot the fake Thunder Megazord! So he created Megakoth! Zedd sent Megakoth to Earth to defeat a group of Z-Putties in order to receive the fake Thunder Megazord! Megakoth battled the Z-Putties! Megakoth defeated the Z-Putties, exceeding Zedd's expectations, and was rewarded with the fake Thunder Megazord! Once Megakoth jumped into the cockpit of the fake Thunder Megazord, Lord Zedd ordered Megakoth to destroy the Power Rangers! Megakoth, piloting the fake Thunder Megazord, went to Angel Grove and began to attack the city! Alpha 5 alerted Zordon of this evil plan and Zordon alerted the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! The Power Rangers teleported to the Command Center and Zordon told them of the situation! Zordon also told the Rangers that they had to destroy Megakoth and the fake Thunder Megazord! The Power Rangers morphed and summoned their Thunderzords! The Thunderzords combined into the Thunder Megazord! Tommy, the White Ranger and the leader of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, summoned the White Tigerzord! The White Tigerzord transformed into warrior mode! The Thunder Megazord and the White Tigerzord in Warrior Mode battled the fake Thunder Megazord! The fake Thunder Megazord was piloted by Megakoth! It was a very long battle! Finally, the White Tigerzord fired off some chest bolts at the fake Thunder Megazord and weakened it! Then the Thunder Megazord pulled out its Thunder Saber! The Thunder Megazord charged up its Thunder Saber and struck the fake Thunder Megazord with it, destroying the fake Thunder Megazord and killing Megakoth! The Power Rangers had won! Lord Zedd was very angry! He said "Blast those Power Rangers! They've ruined my plans!" Then Zedd said "One of those days, Rangers! I will have my revenge! Mark my words!"

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