A blob of white creme was on a bus with many passengers, including a teenage boy with a baseball cap, a mother, and her baby son! A black middle-aged bus driver was driving the bus! The bus driver picked up 2 cookies! The 2 cookies headed for the creme! 1 cookie said "Excuse me!" and the other cookie said "Pardon me, buddy!" and they squashed the creme into a CremeWich! The 2 cookies and the creme then started to sing the "Squeezed in the Middle" jingle! The bus driver and the others joined in! The baby boy wrested free of his mother's hold and took a bite out of the cookie! The cookie said "Hey! He bit me!" Just then, BatBorg, SnakeBorg, and BomberBorg appeared. The 3 monsters had been sent by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa to destroy the Power Rangers. The 3 monsters chased the bus to Angel Grove Park. The 3 monsters began wreaking havoc in Angel Grove Park. Just then, the Kakurangers, the Hana Rangers, Guardian Warriors, Dragon Ninjas, Sailor Moon, the Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, FalconMan, StarGirl, JaguarGirl, the Beetleborgs and Shadow Borg showed up and battled BatBorg, SnakeBorg, and BomberBorg. But they needed help. So Zordon and Alpha 5 summoned the Power Rangers to the Command Center. The Rangers saw what was going on in Angel Grove Park and they morphed into action! The Power Rangers said “We need Thunder MegaFalconzord power, now!” Thunder MegaFalconzord swooped into action! Thunder MegaFalconzord battled the 3 monsters. With a swing of the mighty Zord's sword, BatBorg, SnakeBorg, and BomberBorg were destroyed! Angel Grove was safe once more. Thanks, Rangers!  

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