Ed and Eddy will not give the Teenage Girl an electric guitar and expect her to sing "Bloody Friday Nightmare." If those mischievous boys do, then they will get in big trouble by their parents, Batman and Wonder Woman.

In the living room, Batman and Wonder Woman glared at their nephews, Ed and Eddy. They were very angry at the boys because they gave the girl an electric guitar and Necrolai sang "Bloody Friday Nightmare". Batman and Wonder Woman scolded Ed and Eddy. Benatman said "You boys were not supposed to give that girl an electric guitar."

Eddy said "We know, Mom, Dad! But Ed and I wanted to give her an electric guitar so that she could sing "Bloody Friday Nightmare" for me."

"Yeah, honest!" Ed agreed.

Wonder Woman said "We don't care, boys!"

Ed and Eddy gasped in horror. So did Double D.

"We're not in trouble!" Eddy snapped, but then he asked, "are we?"

"Yes, you are!" Wonder Woman said coldly.

Wonder Woman said "You heard your us! You boys were not supposed to give that girl an electric guitar!"

"And because of it, you will be punished." Batman said. "Go to your room! You boys will be going to bed without dinner and without Double D tonight."

"But, but," Eddy began.

"GET GOING!!!" Batman and Wonder Woman roared. Ed was beginning to cry. "It's not fair!" Eddy wailed as he and Ed went up to theirs and Double D's room in tears. Kevin laughed at them, victoriously.

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