Barbara was playing her electric guitar in her garage! Suddenly, a man riding a motorcycle arrived at her house! The man had an electric guitar on his back! Barbara stopped playing! The man dismounted from his motorcycle and took off his helmet! The man had light brown hair and blue eyes! Barbara had blond hair and also had blue eyes! The man said “Nice job playing the guitar!” Barbara smiled and said “Thanks!” The man introduced himself to Barbara! Barbara introduced herself to the man! Barbara and the man became friends! They talked for a little bit! Then Barbara asked the man if he wanted to play some rock music with her! The man smiled and said “Sure, Barbara!” The man then took his electric guitar out of its case, plugged it into an amplifier, turned it on and got ready to rock! Barbara and the man then started playing! Barbara played her electric guitar and sang! The man played his electric guitar! Barbara and the man played a rock tune! They sounded awesome! They rocked! They sounded really good! Barbara and the man were very happy!

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