Archie Comics

Main Characters (They Wear The Same Outfit As Barbara)

Barbara Adams-She Wears An Helmet Black Spandex T-Shirt Which Showed Her Big Boobs And Tan Stomach Black Skirt With Light Tan Belt And Black Boots She Had Long Blond Hair

Jessica Adams

Michelle Adams

Alexandra Adams

Alicia Adams

Maggie Adams

Bethany Adams

Jennifer Adams

Katie Adams (Jonathan Gender Swap)

All Sonic Characters/Villains

Barbara And The Secret Spies Issue # 1 (1993-94)

Story 1: Day Of The Prelates

  • In The Jungle*

Barbara Adams: *Swinging From Rope To Rope On The Vines* *Activates Her Night Goggles* Hmm I Sense Weird Activities Here Wait I'm Picking Up Something *Sees An Bunch Of Prelates Running Through The Woods* Aha!!!! Now I Know Where They Came From *Hops Down Onto The Ground*

Michelle Adams: So We Got Prelates Huh?

Barbara Adams: Yep Not Only Did I Find Their Existence Out

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