Barbara As She Now Appears She Wears An Helmet Black Spandex T-Shirt Which Showed Her Big Boobs And Tan Stomach Black Skirt With Light Tan Belt And Black Boots She Had Long Blond Hair She Is Mainly Jonathan's Friend And Girlfriend Her Actual Name Is Barbara Adams

Barbara's Biography/Backstory

Barbara Grew Up As The Female Barbarian That She Was Gifted With Superhuman Strength, Fast Reflexes, Super Speed, Intelligence And Special Powers That Made Her Unique She Fought Various Villains As An Female Barbarian But She Became The Secret Spy

Fighting Villains As The Secret Spies

Barbara On Her Luxerious Journeys Fought Various Villains With Her Younger Siblings Jessica Adams, Michelle Adams, Alexandra Adams, Alicia Adams, Maggie Adams, Bethany Adams And Jennifer Adams And Katie Adams (Jonathan's Gender Swap) Who Wore The Same Outfit As Barbara Adams As They Smash Through Shortcuts Blast Through Incoming Traffic To Get To Robotnik's Base


The Adventures Of Jonathan The Hedgehog (Archie Comics)

Barbara Adams And The Secret Spies (Archie Comics) Note: It Borrows Elements From Sonic The Hedgehog (Archie Comics)

Skills And Abilities

Barbara Isn't Your Typical Girlfriend She Can Grapple Onto Walls With Her Grappling Hook Which They All Had