Babs Bunny will not convince Uncle Owen to allow Luke Skywalker to attend the Imperial Academy, because Uncle Owen needs Luke for one more reason. If Babs did it, then she will get in trouble by her father, Miguel.

Babs Bunny would not let Uncle Owen give Luke Skywalker one more reason, so she decided to go to the Star Wars universe to convince Uncle Owen to allow Luke to attend the Imperial Academy. Babs successfully convinced Uncle Owen to allow Luke to attend the Imperial Academy and went back to the living room of Babs's house. When Miguel, Babs's father, found out about this, he was very angry. Babs got in big trouble by her father. Babs got punished. She wasn't allowed to go to the mall with her best friends Shirley the Loon and Fifi LeFume. Babs became very angry. She glared at Miguel and told him "You're as evil as Montana Max!" She then went to her room in tears.

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