Name: Rose Phantom

Age: 13

Gender: female

Personality: girly,hothead,generous,humorous,overprotective,responsible,agile,strict sarcastic,pushy,and bossy


bow & arrow (officially)

Ice sword (usually)

battle gloves (formally)

Shotgun (usually)

Spear (usually)

Staff (usually)

Gauntlet (formally)


Parry knife (officially)

voice by Cindy Robinson


Rose is the oldest daughter of Samara doc phantom & mike phantom and older sister of Maya phantom of the family she is considered to be strict and girly despite of worrying her youngest sister getting hurt she takes good care of her she also hates being called rosy cheeks and she knew that she can be bossy and pushy which she feels bad about it she also wonder why their parents act weird as well as her sister but after finding out that her younger sister is Karou she secretly supported her and in the end of the series she congrats her sister for saving the world they both hugged each other as well as their parents she also saw Maya kissing jasper in the end

Physical appearance

Rose is seen wearing a pink t-shirt with a red S on the chest a red frilly skirt black leggings red&pink stripped socks and black boots she has fair skin from her dad side she has crystal blue eyes and she keeps her hair in a high ponytail and also wear a pink&red stripe headband in the episode 13 a prom night diaster she wore a one strap pink dress with red elbow length gloves and black high heels in episode 19 unluckiest person in love she wore a pink long sleeve shirt red skinny jeans and black&white converse shoes and in episode 9 Black mirror she wore a one strap pink tank top red shorts black leggings and black ankle boots

* Rose gets all A's in her class

* Rose can get annoyed by Maya's bully

* rose can be sometimes clueless

* rose is also a fierce fighter in all her karate class

* rose can be annoyed by her aunt Lilly