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Anne The Hedgehog (In Her Crystalize Form) Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Godmother/Sister She Wears The Same Clothes  As Anne She Is Always Happy To Help Out And Give Support To Jonathan's Cause She Is Very Beautiful And Attractive To Jonathan She Has Mephiles's Spikes And Quills She Serves As An Good Person The Difference Here Is She Can't Melt She Has Mephiles Fur Color She Is Known As Crystalized Anne The Hedgehog

Saving Jonathan And Family

She Saved Jonathan The Hedgehog And His Family From An Deranged Mephiles Who Got An Ass Kicking Of His Life From Jonathan Who Was Fire Jonathan The Hedgehog To Which Anne Was Surprised And Smiles As She Watched Jonathan Burn Mephiles's Ass Up She Then Teleported The Family And Herself To An Hiding Place Inside The Cave

Waging Bets

She And Jonathan Were Watching The Diamondbacks-Dodgers Game On TV When She Says "I Bet You The Dodgers Won't Clinch Their Title For 500 Bucks" And Jonathan Responds By Saying "Bring It On" The Dodgers Beat The Diamondbacks 7-6 And Jonathan Won 500 Bucks

Taking On Mephiles's Army Of Dark Girls

Mephiles Had Just Launched An All Out Assault On Mobius Turning The Girls Into Their Crystalize Forms And Obeying Mephiles Anne Had Enough Of This Decides To Team Up With Jonathan And Family To Combat This Threat Meanwhile Jonathan And Anne Were Hiding In Anne's Luxurious Base/Mansion Anne Used Her Monitor To Track Out The Dark Girls Who Instantly Joined Jonathan's Side Which Anne Was Surprised By That The Dark Girls Would Assist Jonathan On His Adventures Which Would Result In Anne Forming Her Own Group

Taking On Mephilia The Dark

After Mephiles Was Killed By Jonathan Anne Took Off Her Sweater From Her Neck And She Crossed Her Arms Between Her Chest And Immediately Gives Off Dark Energy And She Looked To Jonathan Who Would Transform Into Ultimate Turbo Jonathan The Hedgehog 6

Going On Solo Adventures With Jonathan The Hedgehog

They Go On Traveling Adventures In Which Anne Follows Jonathan Around This isn't real, find me this and I shall be proven wrong Jonathan The Hedgehog 2