Main Characters

Anne The Hedgehog-She Has Long Black Hair And Red Quills She Has Long Black Spikes She Wears An Light Yellow/Green Tanktop Which Showed Her Black Stomach Dark Blue/Red Jacket Black With Red/White Design Sweatpants Shadow's Shoes Dark Blue/White Bandana Around Her Pants And An Light Green Scarf And Light Tan Mouth With Her Actual Mouth Showing She Wore White Gloves

Anne The Hedgehog Jr-She Is The Daughter Of Anne The Hedgehog And Wears The Same Clothes As Her And Has The Same Powers As Well

Meiko The Hedgehog She Is Dark Brown Furred With Light Brown Eyes And Black Irises She Wore An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs An Dark Red Vest Showing Her Dark Brown Stomach She Wore Dark Red Skirt And Dark Red/White Boots She Had Long Dark Brown Hair Meiko Is An Special Hedgehog Because She Can Use Her Abilities Given To Her To Help Them Out

Iblis The Hedgehog/Iblis The Flame Of Light-She Has An Weird Quills And Spike Design Her Fur Color Is Light Orange She Wears An Light Green Tubetop Which Showed Her Light Orange Stomach, Black Jeans And Black Boots Equipped With The Best Weapons Available In Her Backpack She Is The Wife Of Jonathan The Hedgehog

Other Characters (Iblis's Daughters)

Mindy The Hedgehog-Hard Working And Quite Useful Mindy Possesses Iblis's Form As Well

Mandy The Hedgehog-A Lot Of Work Puts Stress On Mandy's Poor Back Luckily She Invented The Massager 3000 Which She Uses To Make Her Back Relax

Angel The Hedgehog-Born With Gifted Abilities Used To Help Out The Group

Advangelique The Hedgehog-The Most Cutest Of Them All She Has The Tools To Help Iblis Out

Melissa The Hedgehog-The Youngest Of The Five Melissa Is Valuable For Her Speed And Chaos Powers And Abilities

Jessica The Hedgehog-She Is Very Attractive And Sexy She Wears The Same Outfit As Iblis Herself

Other Characters

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Kayla The Hedgehog Jr-The Ultimate Lifeform Chasing After Robotnik Again After He Stole The Chaos Emeralds (Jonathan's Source Of Super Transformation) And Plans On Destroying Mobius However Those Plans Were Foiled By Jonathan Himself He Meets His Mother And Wife In Tropical Jungle

Kayla The Hedgehog-Jonathan's Sister And Sidekick As Seen In Numerous Movies Kayla Is An Dark Purple Hedgehog Much Like Tahra Herself And Looks A Lot Like Tahra In Looks, Appearance And Clothing Difference Here Is Kayla Has Jonathan's Red Eyes And His Spikes/Quills But Her Spikes/Quills Are Dark Purple She Like Jonathan Is Also An Ultimate Lifeform Known As The Second Ultimate Lifeform She Is The Second Sister Of Jonathan The Hedgehog They Debuted In The 2001 Game Sonic Adventure 2 As Mysterious Hedgehogs Saving The World From Eggman, Shadow And Rouge The Bat Jonathan Outbeats Shadow In The Process Proving That Jonathan Is Technically The Real Ultimate Lifeform Which Was Confirmed Which Made Shadow An Robot

Scene 1: Battling Iblis

  • In Flame Core*

Anne The Hedgehog: *Using Her Chaos Powers* I Don't Think We Can Hold Him Off Much Longer

Anne The Hedgehog Jr: *Using Her Chaos Powers* I Very Much Agree With You

Iblis The Hedgehog: *Gasps* Hmm *Lightbulb Pops Up* I Got An Idea!!!!

Meiko The Hedgehog: This Tells Me That This Isn't Going To End Well

Iblis The Hedgehog: Not If I Can Help It *Transforms*

Iblis The Flames Of Light: You'd Think I Would've Beaten His Ass Already

Meiko The Hedgehog: Yeah Pretty Much

Iblis The Flames Of Light: I'm Going To Kick His Ass *Flying Into Iblis*

Iblis: *Growls*

Iblis The Flames Of Light: I've Just About Got Him *Knocks Him Back Into The Lava*

  • Hours Later*

Iblis The Hedgehog: *Floating* Now With That Out Of The Way We Should Get Out Of Here

Anne The Hedgehog: Agreed *Raises Her Chaos Emerald*

Anne The Hedgehog Jr: *Raises Her Chaos Emerald As Well*

  • They Teleport To Tropical Jungle*

Anne The Hedgehog: Now We're In The Jungle

Meiko The Hedgehog: Yay

Anne The Hedgehog Jr: Yeah There's An Cave Over There

Iblis The Hedgehog: Wait I Sense Enemy Detectors This Must Mean They're Nearby

Anne The Hedgehog: Right Shouldn't We Do Something?

Meiko The Hedgehog: Yes We Should

Anne The Hedgehog Jr: Agreed

  • The Hedgehogs Speed Off*

Iblis The Hedgehog: I Must Jump Across The Gap To Reach The Other Side Sounds Simple Enough *Jumps Over To The Other Side* *Smiles* I Must Say I Made An Giant Leap *Gasps* They're Missing Seems Like I Must Find Them *Flys Off*

  • In The Skies*

Iblis The Hedgehog: Now Where Could They Be? *Flying*

Mindy The Hedgehog: *Speeding On The Ground With Her Hands Behind Her Back* I Think They Were Captured

Angel The Hedgehog: *Jumping From Wall To Wall* Mindy Might Be Right About This

Advangelique The Hedgehog: This Is Bad

Melissa The Hedgehog: To Make Matters Worse They Might Be Held Captive

Mandy The Hedgehog: Oh No!!!! We Must Save Them Before Something Bad Happens

Iblis The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Precisely

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Get Back Here With The Master Emerald You Metallic Motherfucker *Chases After Metal Sonica 5.0*

Iblis The Hedgehog: Oh Dear *Smiles* It Seems Like He's Pissed

Mandy The Hedgehog: I Can Tell From His Expression

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Stops* Who Are You?

Iblis The Hedgehog: *Smiles With Her Hands On Her Stomach* Oh As If You Hadn't Guessed I'm Your Mother And Your Wife

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh I See Wait You're My Wife?

Iblis The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Yes It's Fitting That We're Husband And Wife (Mom And Dad) To Our Beautiful Girls One Of Them Has Your Abilities

Jessica The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I'm One Of Them I Have Your Signature Abilities And Powers

Kayla The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I'm Jonathan's Official Sister I Travel With Him Wherever He Goes As A Travel Buddy To Him As He Calls Me "His Sidekick"

Advangelique The Hedgehog: Now That We're All Here We Should Skate Off

  • They Sped Off*
  • Meanwhile*

Kayla The Hedgehog: Oh My Are You Okay?

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yeah I Think So

Kayla The Hedgehog: Let's Go!!!!

  • They Sped Off Together*

Kayla The Hedgehog: We Probably Should Change Your Appearance

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Agreed

  • Poof*

Kayla The Hedgehog Jr: I'm Ready!!!! *Smiles*

Kayla The Hedgehog: Okay Let's Go!!!!

  • They Rush Off*

Kayla The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Luckily For You I'm Your Mother

Kayla The Hedgehog Jr: I Know!!!! We're The Only Official Mother And Daughter Team

Kayla The Hedgehog: Agreed We Should Meet Up With Iblis And Others

Scene 2: Iblis's Evil Alliance With Mephiles (Birth Of Dark Kayla The Hedgehog)

  • In Flame Core*

Kayla The Hedgehog: *Speeding By Anne The Hedgehog In Her Crystalized Form* Anne? Is That You

Anne The Hedgehog: I Wouldn't Go Any Further

Kayla The Hedgehog Jr: Why Not?

Anne The Hedgehog: Iblis Was Just Using You Girls As Her Puppets As She Has Struck An Alliance With Mephiles

Kayla The Hedgehog: Daughter? Is Something Wrong? We Must Take Them Out *Holds Her Daughter's Hand*

Kayla The Hedgehog Jr: *Cries* I Don't Think This Would Do Any Good Jonathan Wouldn't Want It *Smiles* Since It's What You Want We Might As Well Do It

  • They Float Together*
  • The Chaos Emeralds Negative Power Is Absorbed*
  • They Are In Now In Their Dark Forms*

Dark Kayla The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I Assure You We Won't Let This Happen

Dark Kayla The Hedgehog Jr: Let's Teach Them An Lesson *Smiles*

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