The professor and Anne Marie went to the capsule. Anne Marie said "What are we looking for?" The professor said "The radio!" The professor then said "Now, Anne Marie, I want you aside, and don't touch anything." But Anne Marie touched something anyway. She ignored the professor. The professor said "Anne Marie, I asked you not to touch anything, didn't I?" Anne Marie said "Oh yeah!" Anne Marie then let go of the object. When Anne Marie let go of the object, it blew up and caught on fire. Anne Marie said to herself "When I touched the object, it must have blown up!" The professor said "Now you ruined the whole transmitter! The radio is dead!" Anne Marie said "Oh yeah? Well, you know what? So are we!" The Martians then fixed the radio. By the time Anne Marie and the others could leave the island, the capsule was already gone. Anne Marie and her friends were stuck on the island.

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