Name Zira Friday

Age 11


Blaze Friday father (deceased) Ariana Friday mother (deceased) Callie (care taker) Diane Friday (sister) Bradley Friday (brother)

outfit a orange t-shirt with a serpent s on the front over a black long sleeve shirt black skinny jeans orange&white converse shoes and grey fingerless gloves

personality smart,quiet,calm,stubborn,shy,sarcastic,loner,anti social,kind (at times),hothead (at times),generous,humorous,upbeat (at times),reckless,resourceful,tomboysish,caring and edgy

hair color black with a white tuft

eye color green

Nicknames salt&pepper,mini women,karate kid,loserFriday,Zira and star


calm and quiet places

being alone


her cryotid powers


her family&friends

karate & other martial arts

Her name


Zak Saturday

spending some time with Zak


spending sometime with her friends



people insulting her parents

People telling her you are a weak& scared little girl who tried to save her parents

Unable to control her anger

doyle annoying her


being called a loser

her quote

Callie I'm not that scared&weak little girl anymore! I changed over the years I know this is hard for you but you got to let me go with Zak and his family to stop Argost leading the cryptid army before its too late please Callie let me go with them and I promise I'll be okay ~ Zira to Callie in war of the cryptid

voice by Brittney Wilson

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