Anger Factor is the sixth chapter in Megasean3000's fanfiction Wudai Warrior Adventures. It is from Xiaolin Showdown.

Episode Recap

After Clay loses a Shen Gong Wu to the hands of Chase Young very easilly, he takes a big tantrum and starts thinking he's slowing the team down. So Omi, Kimiko and Raimundo must find a way to lift his spirits, even if it means lying.

Episode Notes

  • Kimiko hugged Raimundo when he lost the Showdown to Chase.
  • The Shadow of Fear, Crystal Glasses and Reversing Mirror can alter someone's dreams
  • The Warriors have the Arm of Goro and the King Chamelion, Chase now has the Flute of Vorocha.

Xiaolin Showdowns

Raimundo Versus Chase Young

  • Xiaolin Showdown
  • Fight For: Arm of Goro
  • Raimundo Wagers: Eye of Dashi
  • Chase Wagers: Flute of Vorocha
  • Challenge: Boulder Dash, first to fall loses.
  • Chase Won

Clay Versus Wuya

  • Shen Yi Bu Dare
  • Fight For: King Chamelion
  • Clay Wagers: Changing Chopsticks & Fist of Tebigong
  • Wuya Wagers Arm of Goro & Eye of Dashi
  • Challenge: First to fall loses
  • Clay Wins

Shen Gong Wu

Flute of Vorocha

  • Description: A white flute with four white angelic wings.
  • Effect: It can imitate any sound in the world, from a high-frequency screech to impersonating a person's voice.
  • Location: In an Australian desert high atop an Oasis tree.

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