Angelica Tracy Lee Better Known In WWE 2K14 As Angel Lee Angel Wears An Light Grey Tubetop Vest Showing Her Tan Stomach Dark Green Jeans Armbands (Red) Armpads (Red) And Lingiere Necklace Angel Was Always There For Everyone Who Needed Help And Support Angel Was Kind And Considerate And Helpful She Wows The Crowds With Her Sexy Moves And Charming Tactics She Had Light Blue Eyes Fun Fact: Angel Is The Tag Team Champion With Her Pal And Faithful/Trusty Sidekick Jessica Lee Angel Relied On Her Fancy Skills At One Point Angel Offered To Take The Lee Sisters Into Her Group And They Became The Most Decorated Tag Team Family Of All Time They Became Known As The Cleanest Female Players In The Game

Angel's Biography

Angel Lee: *Smiles* Hi There Everyone I'm Angel Lee These Are My Sisters (Amy Lee, Rachael Lee, Kathleen Lee, Samantha Lee, Layla Lee, Jessica Lee, Jenny Lee, Tiffany Lee And Jennifer Lee) Say Hello Girls

Jennifer Lee: *Smiles* Hello All You Loyal Gamers (Especially Jonathan) Our Biography Starts Here

Angel Lee: My Full Name Is Angelica Tracy Lee But Everyone Calls Me Angel Lee I Grew Up In Oakland, California So Did My Sisters We Began Training And Debuted In 2014 We Use Our Intelligence To Guide Us I'm The More Sneaky Type While My Sisters Use Brute Strength My Signature Move Is The Angel Tombstone Piledriver Sorry Undertaker I Had To Make Things Easier My Best Friends Are Jessica Wyatt, Morgan Wyatt, Tiffany Wyatt, Jasmine Wyatt And Anna Wyatt

Rise To Tag Team Dominance

Angel Lee: Our Calling Card Was Tag Team Matches

Jennifer Lee: We Fight For Honor, Pride And Respect


Angel Lee: Me And My Sisters Appear In WWE 2K14: Angel Lee Takes The WWE By Storm

WWE's Corruption

Jennifer Lee: We Soon Discovered That Triple H Was Brutally Attacked By His Wife Triple H Begged Us To Help Him Seeing As The Wyatts, Kane, The Shield And Randy Orton Had Joined The Corporation Triple H Is The Only One Who Had The Guts To Stand Up To The Corporation And So We And The Wyatt Sister Family Formed The Union (Union 1) And John Cena And Other Superstars Formed Union 2 During It All Undertaker Turned Face And Sided With Triple H AJ Lee, Naomi And The Divas Joined The Corporation Leaving Natalya, Paige, Summer Rae, Chris Jericho, Fandango Was On The Union 2 Side Led By Triple H We Waged War Against The Corporation Meanwhile We Were Searching For Jessica Wyatt's SUV Out Of Nowhere Randy Orton Turned On The Corporation And Formed An Face Faction With Triple H The Divas Took Orton's Place

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