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Evolution Stage Ultimate
Attribute Data
Type Dragon Man
Family Dragon's Roar, Metal Empire, Virus Busters, Wind Guardians
List of Digimon

Analogmon (Ultimate) is a Ultimate (Perfect in the japanese versions) Digimon that is a bio merged digivolved form of Analogmon (Champion) that will appear in a Digimon crossover that is made by Ryuu the Ancient Keyblade Master.


Analogmon (Ultimate) is a bio merged form of Analogmon (Champion) and King Ghidorah.

Attack Techniques

Name Description
Triple Gravity Cannon He unleashs three lightning-like streams from his hands and his mouth on his chest at his foes.
Dimensional Rift He creates a rift in dimensions that he can travel through.
Ryuu Bunshin He creates a humanoid dragonic clone of himself.


Evolves from

Evolves to


  • None

Name Origins

  • Analog.


  • Analogmon is based after the villian of the same name from Digimon World 1.

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