Animated Series

Cast Of Characters (Heroes)

Michelle Rose-Michelle Is Amy's 8th Daughter She Wears The Same Clothing As Amy She Is Intelligent, Sexy, Hot And Good Looking She Has Physically Strong Abilities

Amy Rose- Amy Wears An White Tanktop With An Heart On It Showing Her Huge Boobs And Pink Stomach She Wears Her White And Red Skirt With An White/Red Belt On It She Wears Black High Socks Red Bootse She Also Wore An Red Jacket Vest And She Wore An Red Bow On Her Head She Has Green Eyes And An Pink Tail She Wore White Gloves She Also Owns An Pink Sports Car Which Was Highly Upgraded And Updated Making It More Powerful, Invincible And Indestructible Amy Also Has An Daughter Named Amy Rose Jr Who Wore The Exact Clothing As Amy And Had Her Pink Fur And Tail Too They Became Family And They Do Fun And Exciting Things

Amy Rose Jr-She Wears The Same Clothes As Amy

Samantha Rose-Daughter 2

Jessica Rose-Daughter 3

Emily Rose-Daughter 4

Morgan Rose-Daughter 5

Annabelle Rose-Daughter 6

Tiffany Rose-Daughter 7

All Sonic Characters/Villains

Rachael Rose-Amy's 9th Daughter Who Looks And Sounds Like Amy Herself And Wears The Same Clothes As Her

Jennifer Rose-Amy's 10th Daughter Who Has Amy's Looks, Clothing And Personality

Season 1 Episode 1: Heads Or Tails (Pilot Episode)

  • Inside Amy's House*

Rachael Rose: Amy Why Are We Doing This?

Jennifer Rose: *Smiles* I Feel Weird Doing This

Amy Rose: Cause It's To Prepare Ourselves For The Battle We're About To Enter

Amy Rose Jr: Oh Boy

Samantha Rose: I See We Got Opposition

Jessica Rose: It's Opposition I Don't Think Wants Us Around

Emily Rose: Oh Dear

Morgan Rose: Is That Bad?

Annabelle Rose: It's Bad

Tiffany Rose: Oh Dear This Is Bad Indeed

Amy Rose: We're The Rose Family!!!! Let's Move Out!!!

  • They Rush Out*
  • Swatbots Appear Everywhere*

Amy Rose: Let's Do It!!!!

  • They Attack Them*

Michelle Rose: Oh Dear *Is Hanging Upside Down* This Might Be Bad

Amy Rose: Oh No!!!! *Unties And Catches Michelle* You Gotta Watch Out For That It's One Of Robotnik's Traps

Michelle Rose: I Know

Jennifer Rose: Alright Now To Place The Bomb *Places The Bomb On The Ground Sets The Timer* Okay Girls Let's Go

  • They Rush Off*
  • The Timer Hits 0*

Amy Rose: Nice Work Jennifer

Jennifer Rose: *Smiles* Thanks It's My Specialty

  • They Reach Robotnik's Base*

Amy Rose Jr: Something Tells Me That It's Full Of Traps In There

Samantha Rose: I Concur

Jessica Rose: Agreed

Emily Rose: You Don't Know What Traps Are Inside There

Morgan Rose: Probably Deadly Traps

Annabelle Rose: Agreed

Tiffany Rose: Agreed

  • Inside The Base*

Michelle Rose: So This Is Where Robotnik Operates From Huh? I Knew This Place Was Huge

Amy Rose: I Know It's Extensive With Security

Tiffany Rose: I Know That

Morgan Rose: Agreed

Rachael Rose: I Think The Chaos Emeralds Are Heavily Guarded By Something

Jennifer Rose: Right

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