Amy As She Appears In Sonic Split (YouTube TV Series) Amy Has Long Pink Quills And Front Quills She Wears An Light Green Tubetop Which Showed Her Pink /Light Tan Curved Stomach She Wears Dark Blue Jeans Which Showed Her Pink Tail And Black Sandals She Has An Dark Blue Hairband She Has Green Eyes With Black Iris

Sonic Split (YouTube TV Series)

Amy Makes Her Debut In Episode 2: Tracking Down The Suppression Squad She Tags Along Jonathan And The Female Hedgehogs She Saves Jonathan From Harm's Way It Was Then They Became An Official Couple She And Jonathan Somehow Managed To Find Their Way Into Their Base Amy Then Used Her Hacking Skills To Hack Into Their System Along Came Amy's 5 Faithful Daughters (Nikki, Ashley, Marissa, Abby And Emily Rose) Whom All Were Wearing The Same Clothing As Amy They Hugged Him She Has 4 More Daughters Alyssa Rose, Jackie Rose, Rachael Rose, Mary Rose And Yvonne Rose Which Gave Her 10 Overall

Becoming Jonathan's Sidekick

She And Her 10 Faithful Daughters Became Jonathan's Sidekicks Traveling With Him To Different Places

YouTube Channel

In 2013 Amy Has Her Very Own YouTube Channel Called TheRoseShow Which Featured Herself And Her 10 Daughters  They Were Joined By Jonathan The Hedgehog And Shade The Hedgehog And Special Guest: Rain The Hedgehog They're Mostly An Comedy Channel Their First Hit Show Was "The Hedgehogs In Action"

YouTube Series Appearances

Sonic Split (Webseries)

The New Adventures Of Amy Rose (Cartoon)

Young Amy Rose Also Appears In The Sequel The New Adventures Of Amy Rose That Cartoon Marks The Debut Of Sarah The Hedgehog (Jonathan The Hedgehog) She Debuts In Episode 1 And Season 1 And Other Seasons It Debuted In 1993 Which Ironically Was The Time That Sonic CD Was Released Interestingly Enough It Barrowed Elements From Sonic CD And Implemented Them In The Series With Metal Sonic Kidnaps Amy Rose (Classic) So It's Up To The Female Hedgehogs To Retrieve The Time Stones And Rescue Amy (Classic) It Proved Popular Enough To Be Made Into An Full Fledged Series Fox Kids Picked Up The Series In 1993 As They Ran For 22 Successful Seasons (1993-Present) Now Going On It's 23rd Season In 2013 The First Animated Series To Go For That Long Besides The Simpsons (25 Seasons 1990-Present)

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