Amy Rose As She Appears In Issue # 261 Of Sonic The Comic However She Is Often Seen In Jonathan The Hedgehog (Archie Comics) As A Sidekick To Jonathan The Hedgehog Her Latest Design Consists Of An White T-Shirt With An Heart On It Dark Blue Jeans And Red/Black Shoes She Has Two Wallets And Her Belt On Her Waist And Bullet Supply On Her Chest Area Amy Has Had Funny Moments She Is Owned By Fleetway Who Gladly Let Amy Appear In Jonathan The Hedgehog (Archie) She Was Known As Fleetway Amy Rose She Serves As Jonathan's Faithful Sidekick

Appearance In Jonathan The Hedgehog (Archie)

She First Officially Appeared In Jonathan The Hedgehog Issue # 1: The Death Egg Saga Where She Was Seen Trying To Get The Chaos Emeralds So They Can Activate Their Newest Weapon The Cannon Which Would Destroy The Death Egg Also We Get To See Amy's Hidden Base In Lava Reef Zone Which Amy Greatly Updated With Security Stuff And Highly Advanced Technology It's First Appearance Was In Story 1: The Fall Of The Death Egg It Would Appear More Often Along With Her Pink Bomber Submarine

Personality Traits

In Sonic The Comic's Issue # 261 Story 1: War Of The Rose Amy Was Stubborn And Snobbish And Not Very Polite And Not Funny At All As She Would Make Offensive Jokes However In Jonathan The Hedgehog (Archie) Issue # 1: The Death Egg Saga She Is Very Polite, Very Respectful, Kind, Considerate, Helpful, Very Nice, Friendly, Loving, Caring And Thoughtful Archie Flipped Amy's Personality Around To Make Her Nicer Than In That Issue Of Sonic The Comic Whereas She Was Mean And Insultful She Now Can Assist Jonathan On His Adventures And Missions She Has A Variety Of Weapons She Can Use At Her Disposal

Piloting Skills

Amy Is Shown To Be A Terrific Pilot Of Jonathan's New Plane The Black/Red Tornado Bomber Which Seated Two (Jonathan And Amy Of Course) His Plane Appeared In Issue # 1: The Death Egg Saga And In Every Issue After It It Was Used Very Often To Travel Places To Get Things To Make Their Inventions Amy Says She Also Has A Submarine Called "The Pink Bomber Submarine" Which Also Appears In The First Story And Beyond


Amy Has A Huge Crush On Jonathan The Hedgehog She Hinted It In Issue # 1: The Death Egg Saga Where She On Numerous Occasions Kisses Jonathan Which Made Him Blush In Embarrassment She Refers Herself As "His Official Girlfriend" Which Was Established In Issue # 1: The Death Egg Saga

Comic Book Appearances

Jonathan The Hedgehog (Archie) 1993-Present (As Jonathan's Sidekick) Trivia:  Fleetway Amy Is Much Younger As She Appears She Is 11 In These Series

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