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Amy Rose Is Amy Wearing Sally's Outfit And Sports An New Hairstyle And Is Very Intelligent Amy Is Currently The Leader Of The Ultimate Freedom Fighters

Taking Leadership Of The Air Force Fighters/Appointed New Leader

Amy's First Goal Was To Eliminate Eggman From Power Luckily Titania Simpson, Jessica Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Michelle Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Zia Simpson, Victoria Simpson And Marisol Simpson And Jennifer Simpson Were On Standby Amy Rose Then Got In Her Plane Along With The Simpson Girls And She Leads Them Into Battle

Amy Forms An Group

Amy Was Once Again Trying To Form An Group That Would Destroy And Obliterate The Suppression Squad From Existence When Victoria Simpson Suggested The Name "The Ultimate Freedom Fighters" And Also Explained To Concept Of Having Ultimate Powers Of Their Which Made Sense To Amy Rose And Amy Decides To Go With That Group Name

Tracking Down The Suppression Squad

Under Amy Rose's Leadership The Ultimate Freedom Fighters Successfully Drove The Suppression Squad Out Of Mobius

Amy's Secret Plan

Amy Launched An All Out Invasion On The Dark Legion's Base In Which All Of The Members Of The Legion Were Captured After That She Destroyed Their Base And Built The Ultimate Freedom Fighters's Base There

Amy's Proposed Plan Passes

Amy Proposed An Plan That Will Allow Her To Control Of All Of Dark Mobius Since She Has Ultimate Authority Over It And Complete Control Since She Is The Leader Of The Ultimate Freedom Fighters

Showdown With Enerjak And Prelates

Amy Rose Brought In Three New Power Members To Help The Ultimate Freedom Fighters Amanda Simpson, Katelyn Simpson And Patricia Simpson All Of Whom Give The Ultimate Freedom Fighters Protection During The Battle Amy's Eyes Turned Light Blue And She Was Surrounded In An  Light Blue Aurora Shield Which Gave Amy The Advantage And Attacked Enerjak While The Ultimate Freedom Fighters Attacked The Prelates Defending Dark Mobius From Enerjak's Influence

Finding The Chaos Emeralds

Amy Rose Sent Her Ultimate Freedom Fighters Members To Get The Chaos Emerald So They Could Upgrade Their Planes They Find The Chaos Emeralds Returned Them To Amy Who Would Put Them In Their Planes For Better Performance

Confronting And Beating The Destructix

During The Afternoon In Their Base Amy Heard Explosions And Looked Outside And It Was The Destructix Destroying Stuff So She And The Ultimate Freedom Fighters Take On And Beat The Destructix


Amy Is Sweet, Kind, Considerate And Thoughtful (Buying Gifts For Her Loyal Members)

Appearances In Movies

Amy Rose: The Life Of Amy Rose

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