Amy Rose As She Appears Amy Wears An White Tanktop With An Heart On It Showing Her Huge Boobs And Pink Stomach She Wears Her White And Red Skirt With An White/Red Belt On It She Wears Black High Socks Red Bootse She Also Wore An Red Jacket Vest And She Wore An Red Bow On Her Head She Has Green Eyes And An Pink Tail She Wore White Gloves She Also Owns An Pink Sports Car Which Was Highly Upgraded And Updated Making It More Powerful, Invincible And Indestructible Amy Also Has An Daughter Named Amy Rose Jr Who Wore The Exact Clothing As Amy And Had Her Pink Fur And Tail Too They Became Family And They Do Fun And Exciting Things This Is What Amy Also Looks Like In The Future

Reclaiming Freedom HQ

Amy Rose And Her Daughter Were Resting Peacefully In Her Apartment On South Island Until She Received An Call From Sally Acorn That The Suppression Squad Had Invaded Freedom HQ So Amy And Her Daughter Hopped In Amy's Pink Sports Car And Drive Off For Mobius Once They Got There Samantha Rose, Jessica Rose And Emily Rose Were Waiting For Them (They Also Wore The Same Clothes As Amy)

Driving The Suppression Squad Out Of Freedom HQ

So The Rose Sisters Decided To Drive Them Out Of Freedom HQ Amy Rose Jr, Samantha Rose, Jessica Rose, Emily Rose, Morgan Rose, Annabelle


Amy Is Cute, Sexy, Hot,Attractive, Kind, Thoughtful, Happy, Considerate, Unselfish (Thinks Of Others Before Herself), Trustworthy, Respectful And Loyal Her Sisters Loved Her For It Amy Retains Her Happy, Passionate And Passive Personality And Ditched Her Rudeness


Amy Rose-Mother (Amy Is The Mother Of 20)

Amy Rose Jr-Daughter 1

Samantha Rose-Daughter 2

Jessica Rose-Daughter 3

Emily Rose-Daughter 4

Morgan Rose-Daughter 5

Annabelle Rose-Daughter 6

Tiffany Rose-Daughter 7

Michelle Rose-Daughter 8

Jennifer Rose-Daughter 9

Amber Rose-Daughter 10

Cassandra Rose-Daughter 11

Lynn Rose-Daughter 12

Miranda Rose-Daughter 13

Marissa Rose-Daughter 14

Clarissa Rose-Daughter 15

Samantha Rose-Daughter 16

Ashley Rose-Daughter 17

Victoria Rose-Daughter 18

Veronica Rose-Daughter 19

Julie Rose-Daughter 20

Comic Book Adaptations

Archie Released The New Adventures Of Amy Rose As It's Launch Title In 1993 Plot: Robotnik Has Managed To Turn Animals Into Badniks To Power Up His Death Egg And Revive It He Has The Master Emerald To Destroy The World With Meanwhile On South Island Inside Amy Rose's Apartment She And Her 20 Daughters Were Resting Peacefully Until They Heard An Huge Explosion Amy Suddenly Realizes That Robotnik Is Up To No Good Again Setting Badniks Everywhere Can Our 20 Female Heroes Stop This Madman's Plot Before He Blows Up Mobius She And Her Family Also Appears In Sonic The Hedgehog (Archie) Their Debut Was Issue # 2 They Had An Significant Role In The Series In Amy Rose Select (Archie) The Stories Feature The Rose Family In Various Storylines Fighting Against Evil In Those Comics Michelle Rose Comes In Handy Because Of Michelle's Smarts And Intelligence Michelle Loves Comics Michelle Loves Giving Amy Lap Dances Which Is Weird


Amy Is From Mercia Her Cousin Isn't Rob O' The Hedge It's Actually Amy Rose Jr (Her Daughter And Cousin)

Amy Is Incredibly Intelligent And Very Nice To Her Family

Amy's Family Is Exceptionally Great At Fighting

Amy Rose Is The Mother Of Her 20 Daughters

Michelle Rose Ironically Shares The Same IQ As Jonathan Which Is 900

The Rose Family Has Hot, Sexy And Attractive Built Bodies Which Amy Credits By Working Out They Do Their Provocative Dance After Each Victory With Amy Dropping To The Floor Shaking Her Pink Ass And Then They All Shake Their Pink Asses They Also Had Unique Moves They Were An Power Type Family

The Rose Family Are Extremely Powerful, Stronger, Faster And Invincible Their Abilities Had Been Enhanced Making Them Tougher To Bring Down Especially Amy Who Is Much More Stronger The Rose Daughters Have Unique Skills For Example: Michelle Is Excellent At Hacking Into Computers In Addition To That Michelle Excels At Hand To Hand Combat As Well Michelle's Preference Is Using Her Pink Stomach Ram Her Opponents

Amy Rose Was First Introduced In Amy Rose (Archie Comics) An Spinoff Of Sonic The Hedgehog (Archie Comics) Which Began Publication In 1993 Starting With Issue # 1 The Series Takes Place In The Present Timeline Amy's Character In The Series Was Kind And Sweet And Caring Amy Led An Group Of Her Loyal Worshippers Known Collectively As The Rose Force Their Main Purpose Of Existence Was To Protect Mobius From All Kinds Of Evil She Is One Of The Main Characters That Fights To Protect Mobius They Reside In South Island During Her Spare Time Amy Loves To Go On Expeditions Amy Has An Demon Form Named Demon Amy Rose She Was Dark Red Furred And Had Long Dark Red Hair She Still Wore Her Usual Clothes She Possessed Supernatural Powers That Were Unexplained Her First Official Appearance Was In Amy Rose (Archie Comics) Issue # 1 Where Amy Instantly Turned Into A Demon Although She Was A Demon She Still Retains Amy's Personality Demon Amy Appears More Often Demon Amy Is Good At Puzzles

Amy Rose: The Movie

The Main Plot Here Is The Rose Family Was Relaxing At Home In Amy's Penthouse In South Island In The Future I Michelle, Emily, Amy Jr, Samantha, Annabelle, Jessica, Morgan And Tiffany Rose Are Each 13, 14,15,16, 17,18 And 19 Each Until They Heard An Large Explosion Coming From Mobius Amy Sensing What Just Happened Smiles And Wakes Her 8 Daughters Up They Get Dressed And Immediately Rushed Off For Mobius With Amy Rose Leading The Team Of Her Powerful Daughters And Herself They Arrive To Find Mobius In Ruins They Investigate This Matter

Powers And Abilities

This Version Of Amy Rose Is Much More Powerful, Invincible And Stronger She Had Powerful Abilities That Allow Her To Do Special And Unique Moves She And Her Family Were Extremely Powerful

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