Amy Rose AoStH Style by funkyjeremi

Amy As She Appears In Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog She Is Voiced By Tracey Moore She Is Normally Seen Hanging Out With Amy And Amy Jr She Is Referred To As AOSTH Amy Rose

AOSTH Days (1993-94)

She First Appeared In Episode 1: Amy To The Rescue Where She Rescues Amy From Dr. Robotnik She Was Originally Planned To Be A Gag Character But She Developed Into An Reliable Character She Lifted Up Her Shirt Revealing Her Light Green Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And Pink Stomach Wore Light Red Skirt And Her White And Light Blue Boots She Became Amy's Sidekick As The Three Amys Try To Stop Robotnik She Appeared In 10 Seasons Of AOSTH

Sonic SATAM (1994-95)

She Would Appear In All Episodes Of Sonic Satam Sadly Only Two Seasons Were Made But Luckily She Was In Both Of Them

Amy Rose SATAM (1995-Present)

After The Cancellation Of Sonic Satam Amy Was Given An New Look Which Was Amy Wearing Her Light Green Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And Pink Stomach Light Red Jeans And White And Light Blue Boots Her Pink Hair Was Longer And She Now Had Green Eyes With Black Irises She Was Now Known As Older Amy Rose Also Starring Were Amy Rose, Amy Rose Jr, Giantess Amy Rose And Viperine The Hedgehog Robotnik Returns With His Satam Look And Swatbots The Cast Of Sonic Satam Returns This Time Around It Revolves Around Older Amy Rose Forming An Freedom Fighter Group With Female Hedgehogs Trying To Stop Robotnik Once Again Also In The Series Were Aubrey The Hedgehog, Elizabeth The Hedgehog, Mary The Hedgehog, Kirsten The Hedgehog And Alexandra The Hedgehog All Members Of The Freedom Fighters Along With Neo Metal Amy Rose

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