Amy Roberts As She Appears In Baseball Superstars 2013 Amy Wears An Hot Pink/White Baseball Jersey Which Showed Her Boobs And White Hourglass Figure Stomach White/Hot Pink Baseball Hat White/Hot Pink Leather Pants She Wears Dark Purple Glasses She Has Dark Blue Eyes With Black Irises She Is White And Has Hot Pink Lips She Had Light Purple Circle Earrings And She Had Long Light Orange Hair


Amy First Started Becoming An Actress Along With Her 48 Sisters (Nicole, Michelle, Rachael, Alyssa, Lauren, Laura, Victoria, Veronica, Danielle, Danica, Angelina, Angela, Bethany, Vanessa, Hannah, Kirsten, Leslie, Naomi, Desiree, Megan, Morgan, Jennifer, Lisa, Maggie, Alicia, Jessica, Marianna, Lindsay, Christina, Rikka, Rika, Susan, Leah, Claire, Mindy, Mandy, Julie, Rosanna, Rosalina, Melissa, Alyssa, Miranda, Elizabeth, Annabelle, Nikki, Brie And Stephanie Roberts) Amy Began Acting In 1993

Acting Career (1993-Present)

Amy Had Her First Role In The Movie Sonic The Hedgehog: The Dawn Of The Prelates Where She Plays Herself An Top Secret Agent Who Was Getting Used To Her Job

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