An alternate universe or altverse fanfiction story is one that while based on a particular source material or source materials, features a divergence from the canonical plot during or before the original story.

Types of alternate universes

There are several different types of works on this kids, but the most common types includes

  • AU/R (alternate universe/reality)
    • In this one, the world, or more bluntly, universe, is different from the work. The physics, geography, technology are different from the works. This form of alt-universe is popular among fans, and those getting into careers as a writer.
      • For example, if magic didn't exist in the Harry Potter series.
    • Sometimes, in Real Person Fiction, celebrities in real-life (our world) would be like normal people, non-celebrities. In this, they tend to co-exist with normal.
      • EX: Instead of music, members of A*Teens or S Club 7 had careers as soldiers, firefighters, or having magically abilities and used them as a career choice.
    • Another example could be where the celebrities are from is different from real-life.
      • EX: S Club 7 being born in the United States (Fan-Fic; AU/R) rather than the Untied Kningdom (Real Life), or the A-Teens being born in the States, instead of Sweden.
  • AT (alternate timeline)
    • This does with a different timeline rather than canon or present time. Alternate history often comes from this concept when answering a ‘what if’ question, although few involves fan-fiction.
      • For example of a fan-fiction that does with Alt-History or timeline, Jimi Hendrix (who died in real-life) survives from his overdose and got sober.
  • AH (All-Human)
    • Canonical non-human characters in works are humans, yet still retain their names and traits.
      • For example, The Lion King characters were humans instead of animals.