160px-Digimon noimage

Evolution Stage Mega
Attribute Virus
Type Unholy Knight
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Group Tainted Knights
List of Digimon

Alphamon AIDA is a Mega (Ultimate in the japanese versions) digimon that was corrupted by AIDA into a corrupted version of Alphamon that appears to be a demonic version of his old self that stars in Ultimaverse Crossover 5: Defenders of the World.


Alphamon AIDA ordered a invasion of The World R:2 when he send both of Omnimon and Magnamon there but after they was defeated by Haseo, he came there to destroy the World R:2 but he was defeated by Haseo (in the form of Skeith) when he data drained the AIDA from him and the original Alphamon went back to the digital world.

In the fight against Skeith, Alphamon AIDA took on a more demonic appearance where he had demon-like wings coming out of his back, which he flown around with.

Attack Techniques

Name Description
Digitalize of Soul He blasts a ball of green energy from his hand that can instantly delete any thing in its path.
Kuro Bunshin Soushi He creates clones of himself.
Kobold Bullet He blasts six energy balls from his hand at his foe.
Genocide Cannon He charges up two balls of energy in his hands then thrust both out infront of himself when he blasts a beam of energy at his foes.
Ikikokuoutsurugi He summons a sword of pure energy out of thin air.
Fatal Hand He launches two invisible energy blasts from his hand at his foes.


Evolves from

  • Alphamon (with a AIDA)

Evolves to

  • -none-


  • Ikikokuoutsurugi (Spirit King Sword) - Its a sword of pure energy that Alphamon AIDA can summon out of thin air.


  • None

Name Origins

  • Alpha means first in greek. AIDA stands for Artificially Intelligent Data Anomaly.

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