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Alexa The Hedgehog Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Young Passionate Sister And Sidekick She Has Long Green Hair Wears An Light Blue T-Shirt Which Shows Her Boobs And Green Stomach Dark Brown And Yellow Belt, Black Jeans And White/Black Shoes She Has Black Ears And Wears Black Inhibitor Rings She Has Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Irises And Has An Green Tail And Light Yellow Mouth And Has Big Black Eyelashes

Coming To Aid Jonathan

Alexa Brilliantly Made Clones Of Herself And Named Them Katie, Sandy, Kirsten, Desiree, Darcy, Kayla,Emily And Jennifer The Hedgehog They Were Skating Towards The Fight And Each Of Them Landed Next To Jonathan Who Would Become Cindy The Hedgehog (The Cutest Little Young Hedgehog That You'll See) And They Immediately Chased After Eggman They Were Pursuing Him At This Point

Evading Capture From The Dark Legion

They Were Also Great At Avoiding Capture With Their Tremendous Speed And Agility They Were Tough To Find Because They Were Good At Blending In With Objects That's What Makes The Clones Great For Alexa So That They Can't Tell Who Is Who

Introducing 3 New Female Hedgehogs

Three New Female Hedgehogs (Roxanne, Roxanna And Yvonne The Hedgehog) Joined The Team Giving Them More Speed And Now Strength (Roxanna And Roxanne) Their Journey Together Begins Also Jonathan The Hedgehog Also Joins Them On Their Adventures

Comic Book Series

Alexa Appeared In Her First Comic Series Called Alexa The Hedgehog: Nightshade Which Introduces Us To Nightshade The Hedgehog (Nightshade Is Indeed A Girl), Destiny The Hedgehog, Anne The Power Hedgehog And Lucy The Hedgehog The Setting Takes Place In A Future Version Of Mobius Where It Looks Like A Futuristic City With Buildings And Neat Places Ironically Jonathan The Hedgehog Is Physically 21 Years Old And Chronologically 21 Years Old Not Only That He Stops Aging At 21 And Now Has A Hoverboard Of His Own The Plot Here In The Series Is That After Jonathan The Hedgehog Has Beaten Eggman Once More Jonathan Rested Peacefully In His Penthouse In The Futuristic Mobius New Generation Of Hedgehogs In Training (Christopher The Hedgehog, Lilly The Hedgehog, Mark The Hedgehog, Bethany The Hedgehog, Jordan The Hedgehog, Melissa The Hedgehog, Samuel The Hedgehog, Greg The Hedgehog, Alicia The Hedgehog, Marty The Hedgehog, Martina The Hedgehog, Martin The Hedgehog And Jared The Hedgehog) And Of Course The Three Helpful Teachers Seth The Hedgehog, Stephanie The Hedgehog And Stephen The Hedgehog Their Training Facility Was Under Attack By The Future Suppression Squad Jonathan The Hedgehog Quickly Sprung Into Action Aiding Him Was Shadow The Hedgehog (Who Seems To Get Younger Instead Of Older As With Sonic), Sonic The Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Silver The Hedgehog, Amy Rose (Who Has 2 Girls And Is Married To Sonic), Jessica Rose, Megan Rose And Sonia The Hedgehog Also Assisting Him Was Knuckles The Echidna And His Wife Julie-Su The Echidna, Laura The Hedgehog And Her Daughters (Laura Is Actually Married To Jonathan Himself And Has 23 Daughters With Him)

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