Comic Series

Main Characters

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Rachael The Hedgehog-Rachael's Outfit Consisted Of An Yellow/Orange Tubetop Which Showed Her Humongous Boobs And Green Stomach An Black Skirt And Green/Black High Heels Rachael Appears In All Issues

Alexa The Hedgehog-Alexa Has Green Quills But One Of Them Is Downward She Has Scars Much Like Scourge But Wears An Yellow/Orange Tubetop Which Showed Her Green Stomach, An Black Jacket With Red Flames On It With Her Red Glasses With Black Lenses On It On Top Of Her Head

Nicole The Hedgehog-Nicole Wore The Same Clothes As Rachael

Robian Amy Rose-She Wore An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Boobs And Pink Stomach Black Jeans, Black Shoes And White Gloves Her Hair Is In A Ponytail Which An Black Hairband Covers It

Robian Mina Mongoose-She Wore The Exact Same Clothing As Mina

Talitha Prower-She Wore An Red T-Shirt Which Showed Her Orange Stomach Light Blue Shorts And White/Red Shoes Her Hair Is In An Ponytail Which An Dark Blue Hairband Is Covering It

Jessica Prower-She Wears The Same Clothes As Talitha

Naomi The Hedgehog-She Also Wears An Yellow/Orange Tubetop Which Also Shows Her Humongous Boobs, Black Skirt And Green/Black High Heels She Is The Same Fur Color As Nicole And Rachael She Also Wore An Black Jacket With Yellow Flames On It

Kirsten The Hedgehog-She Also Wears An Yellow/Orange Tubetop Which Also Shows Her Humongous Boobs, Black Skirt, Black Jacket With Yellow Flames On It And Green/Black High Heels

Rosy The Rascal-Rosy Wears An Different Outfit She Wears Her Yellow/Orange Tubetop Which Showed Her Humongous Boobs And Pink Stomach Wears An Black Skirt, Black Jacket With Flames On It Pink/Black High Heels, White Gloves Her Pink Hair Is Longer And Black Hairband Covers It Rosy Is Very Useful In Battle Because Of Her Weaponery Skills She Is Taller Than Before At 6"5 She Gained Muscle Mass Making Her Physically Stronger

Alexa The Hedgehog Issue # 1 (1993-94)

Story Arc 1: Pursuing The Suppression Squad

  • In Rachael's Mansion*

Rachael The Hedgehog: Alright I've Just Received Word From Sally Acorn That The Suppression Squad Are In Freedom HQ

Alexa The Hedgehog: I Can't Believe This How Did That Happen Couldn't They Stop Them

Nicole The Hedgehog: Well For One They Could've But Were Outmatched

Robian Amy Rose: Luckily We're All Here Together To Help Each Other Out

Rachael The Hedgehog: Yeah But There's 7 Members Of The Suppression Squad Make That 8 If You Include Rosy The Rascal

Nicole The Hedgehog: Oh Dear I Think We Should Stop Them

Talitha Prower: *Smiles* You'd Be Happy To Know That I'm Working On An Tornado X10 With Help From Jessica We Put The Chaos Emeralds In The Engine It Should Power It Up

Rachael The Hedgehog: Brilliant!!!! That Works Now We Can Form An Team Of Hedgehogs, Foxes And Robians

Robian Amy Rose: Agreed I'm The Most Powerful Being Here

Naomi The Hedgehog: I'm The Technical One Here

Jessica Prower: We Can Defend Ourselves

Story Arc 2: Tracking Down The Suppression Squad

  • In Talitha's Workshop*

Talitha Prower: *Fixing The Tornado X10 Up* Just An Few More Adjustments And We Should Be Finished

Nicole The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Great!!!

Talitha Prower: *Smiles* Ta-Dah!!!! Presenting The Tornado X10 My Most Powerful Plane Yet I Installed Upgrades And Updates To It To Make It Powerful And Invincible

Nicole The Hedgehog: Yay!!!! Let's Get Those Punks

Talitha Prower: Yeah

  • They Rush Off*

Nicole The Hedgehog: We Should Be There Shortly

Rosy The Rascal: *Riding On Her Motorcycle* Howdy Girls I Think I Can Help Out

Nicole The Hedgehog: I Thought You Were With Them

Rosy The Rascal: *Riding On Her Motorcycle* Nah I Ditched Them And Worked Undercover To Get The Dirt On Them Luckily I Had My Weapons In My Backpack I'm Now Trying To Find An Group To Join I Think I'd Fit In With You Girls Since I Bring Physical Strength

Nicole The Hedgehog: Sure!!!!

Rosy The Rascal: Let's Get Going

  • They Go To Freedom HQ*

Rosy The Rascal: *Hops Off Her Motorcycle* Well Then We Should Enter

Nicole The Hedgehog: Right

Robian Amy Rose: Let's Enter

  • They Enter*

Rosy The Rascal: Wait An Minute I Think They're Fighting In The Brain Trust Lab

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