Darth Vader uncovered evidence indicating one of his children was adopted by a friend of the Jedi Order. Vader immediately deducts this person to be Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan, as he had long noticed that Organa's "daughter", Princess Leia Organa, had a far greater resemblance to him and Padme Amidala then to Bail and Breha Organa. Vader presented his findings to Emperor Palpatine, and asked his master's permission to retrieve his daughter. The Emperor, believing that he would be able to use Vader's child for his own purposes, and anxious to have some excuse to get rid of the hated Organa, granted Vader permission to begin preparing a assault against Alderaan. By the end of the year, the Empire was assembling a force to impose its will on Alderaan. The Galactic Empire invaded and subjugated Alderaan, after Darth Vader uncovered firm evidence that Bail Organa had adopted his daughter, Leia. This evidence was retrieved from medical records extracted from the then-abandoned medical facility of Polis Massa. Senator Organa was arrested, tortured, and then executed by Darth Vader. The Empire assumed control over the Alderaanian Government. The Alderaanian Royal Council of Elders was placed under the direct authority of a Imperial Governor, who now assumed direction of all matters on Alderaan. A military garrison was established by the Empire in Aldera, while Queen Breha Organa was reduced to a Imperial puppet. Vader took Leia and began training her as his Sith apprentice.

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