160px-Digimon noimage

Evolution Stage Hybrid
Attribute Variable
Type Demon Man
Family Dragon's Roar, Nightmare Soldiers, Virus Busters
List of Digimon

Aldamon Divine Warrior Mode is a A-Hybrid Digimon that went under Mode Change by results of Doctor Strange's spell in Ultimaverse Crossover 3: Makai no Enkou during the battle with Mephisto.


Aldamon transformed into Divine Warrior Mode in his battle against Mephisto by result of Doctor Strange casting a spell onto him. He transformed into a silver and white version of Aldamon that has six flame wings.

Attack Techniques

Name Description
Inferno Dragon Dash He dashs at his foe when he engulfs him in flames then all of sudden, he slashs away at his foe.


Evolves from

  • Aldamon

Evolves to

  • -none-


  • Ginryuukami (Silver Dragon God) - its powerful silver broadsword that can slice through almost anything with ease.


  • None

Name Origins


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