Air Lovia Flight 542 was a scheduled passenger flight from Noble City International Airport in Lovia to Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. On 6/2/2009, the Tupolev Tu-204 operating the flight crash-landed on top of Fort Independence on Castle Island, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The captain, a Lovian citizen, born in Miami, Florida, USA, Dzhon MakBardena, (Russian: Джон МакБардена) formerly John McBarden, and his crew survived without a scratch. Since the damage to the aircraft was minor, Air Lovia rebuilt the aircraft, and continue to operate Flight 542.

Flight Recorder Transcript

Dzhon: ATC, we have a problem!

Nearby Aer Lingus jet: Holy S**t!

TAWS: Terrain ahead. Pull Up (23x).

TAWS: Terrain ahead. Pull Up (23x, again)

Co-Pilot: God, we are dead meat!

British Airways Jet flying past: You're gonna crash into Fort Independence!

Dzhon: Thanks captain obvious! *sound of hitting grass*

Dzhon: Mother f*ck! *sound of impact*

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