"Jeremy, can I take this thing off yet?" asked Aelita. She was blindfolded and being led down a corridor by Jeremy's hand.

"Patience is a virtue, Aelita." chuckled the blonde. Aelita heard a large door open in front of her and Jeremy lead her in. A few whispers could be heard from across the room, all seeming to hush as she drew closer. Jeremy led her a few more feet forward before untying the knot holding the black cloth to her eyes.

Once it fell, her vision returned and she saw that she was inside the gym. In front of her was a large stage, and on that stage stood Ulrich with a bass guitar, Odd with an electric, Yumi standing at a keyboard, and Sabrina with another electric guitar standing in front of a mic. A poster was hung on the backwall of the stage. 'Lyoko Warriors' was written at the top in big curvy letters. Beneath the words was a picture of the gang in their Lyoko outfits taking battle stances. Even Jeremy was pictured. He wore a tight blue body suit with a sleeveless purple cloak and a mage staff in his hand.

"Wha...what is this?" asked Aelita with a sparkle in her teal eyes.

"Happy birthday, princess." smiled Jeremy. Tears of joy jerked at the young girls's eyes as she latched onto her boyfriend in a death hug.

"It was Einstien's idea to form a band. Sabrina paid for it all." explained Odd.

"That's the benefits of being rich. You get to give your friends just what they want, no matter how much it costs." replied Sabrina with a wink and strumming a few chords on her red guitar.

"Come on Jer! Let's play Aelita her song already!" yelled Yumi.

Jeremy let go of the pink haired girl and jumped on stage. He took his place beside Sabrina in front of another mic. The three guitarists began to play, creating an upbeat sound. Yumi laid down the foundation with the keyboard.

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