Today was a very special day for the bus driver from the Chips Ahoy CremeWiches commercial! Today was his son's graduation from high school! He was very happy that his son had done so well in high school and that he was going to graduate at the top of his class! The graduation ceremony was held in the stadium! The bus driver attended the graduation with his wife, daughter, and the other characters from the Chips Ahoy CremeWiches commercial, including the mother, the baby boy, and the teenage boy with the baseball cap! And of course, the white creme and the 2 cookies, squashed together, attended the ceremony! The bus driver's son got his diploma and also got a football scholarship from the National Football League! Everyone cheered! The bus driver said "Way to go, my son!" The bus driver's son had graduated from high school! Everyone was very happy, including the bus driver! The bus driver knew that his son was finally going to make his dream of becoming a professional football player come true!   

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