Do any of you remember the 80's show ALF? Well here's a story about him where he gets revenge on the Tanner Family, because all they just do is act like spoiled brats, jerks and make ALF's life even worse. The story begans by ALF in the garage. He was writing a letter to show his thoughts that he really hates the Tanner Family, then after he was done writing his letter, he broke out of the garage and grabbed a gun and a knife to plot his revenge on the Tanner Family. He first killed Lucky II by shooting him. His second victim was Brain Tanner and his throat was cutted open. ALF's third victim was Lyn Tanner & she was shot just like Lucky II. The second final victim was Kate Tanner & she got stabed to death. ALF's Final victim was Willie Tanner and he was beated, stab & shot by ALF. After ALF killed the Tanner Family, he ran to another place to get away with the crime.

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