Main Cast

Jonathan Washington-Jonathan Had Used Western Mortician (1990-1994), Deadman, (1994-96) Lord Of Darkness (1996-98) Ministry (1999), American Badass (1999-2002) Big Evil (2002-2003) Phenom (2004-Present)

Shima The Hedgehog-She Is The Younger Sister Of Jonathan She Acts The Same Way As Him She Wears An Dark Pink Tanktop Which Shows Her Black Belly And Her Dark Pink Underwear Which Shima Would Wear Random Clothing She Picks Out These Are Her Nighttime Pajamas She Has The Same Design As Jonathan And She Strongly Dislikes Shadow And Asks Jonathan To Kick His Ass When He Tries To Get Near Her Shima Is Very Funny She Also Gets Involved In Beating Shadow Up

Marianna The Hedgehog-Jonathan's Younger Sister (She Has Shade's Skin Color And Clothing)

Shade The Hedgehog-She Is Jonathan The Hedgehog's Biological Sister And Real Sister She Looks Just Like Jonathan Himself Only Shade Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills Wears An Red Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes With A Spiked Belt She Has An Light Yellow Mouth She Is His Mother

Kirlia The Hedgehog (Kirlia Has Undergone An Tremendous Appearance Change Wearing Her Black Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And Green Stomach Fur Black Jeans And Sandals)

Kirsten The Hedgehog

Skylet The Hedgehog

Priscilla The Hedgehog

Megan The Hedgehog

Destiny The Hedgehog-She Is An Light Blue Haired With Purple Quills Female Hedgehog Who Had An Long Black Nose She Wore An Yellow/Green Jumpsuit With Golden Pants And Robot Shoes And Red/Yellow Sleeves

Jessica The Hedgehog-She Is Also An Light Blue Female Hedgehog She Was Wearing A Black/White Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Stomach An Black Jacket Black Jeans Torquise Blue/White Sneakers Her Fur Is Light Blue She Has Extremely Long Blue Hair She Prefers To Go By Jessica The Hedgehog Not Ocean Blu The Hedgehog Jonathan And Jessica Build Their Romantic Relationship Up To The Second Episode Where They Get Extremely Closer With Each Other And Committed Their Lives To Be Together Forever Till Death Do Their Part

Serenity The Hedgehog-Serenity Is An Silver Furred Female Hedgehog Who Has Black Long Hair She Wears An Aqua My Chemical Romance Tanktop Which Showed Her Silver Stomach Black Denim Jacket Black/Pink Shorts And Black Sandals She Has Aqua Blue Eyes

Ryo The Hedgehog-She Was Silver Furred With Dark Pink Quills Wore An Dark Pink Tanktop Which Showed Her Stomach Black Jeans And Sandals Her Hair/Spikes Are Like Shadow's But In A Different Design She Is Considered Jonathan's Greatest Alllies Along With Serenity

Scathe The Hedgehog-She Has Blue Eyes Green Female Hair Wear The Same Jacket And Shoes As Scourge But She Was Created By Jonathan Himself To Give Him An Sidekick She Has Big Boobs Which Makes Her Attractive To Jonathan

All WWF Wrestlers

Undertaker's Bodyguards (In Order)

Kirlia The Hedgehog

Kirsten The Hedgehog

Skylet The Hedgehog

Priscilla The Hedgehog

Megan The Hedgehog

Serenity The Hedgehog

Rose The Hedgehog

Destiny The Hedgehog

Ryo The Hedgehog

Shima The Hedgehog

Scathe The Hedgehog

Scene 1: Undertaker's SS Debut (1990) Western Mortician Era (1990-94)

  • GONG*
  • The Undertaker Is Led Down The Aisle By Serenity The Hedgehog*

Jonathan: *Walking Down The Aisle*

Serenity The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Behold My Protege The Undertaker!!!!

  • The Undertaker Enters The Ring For The Million Dollar Team*
  • The Match Begins*

Jonathan: *Eliminates 3 Opponents*

  • Jonathan Is Eliminated*
  • The Next Match Vs. Terry Davis (Undertaker's Debut Match)*
  • GONG!!!!*
  • The Undertaker Is Being Led Down The Aisle By Serenity The Hedgehog*
  • The Match Begins*
  • Undertaker Wins*
  • In The Locker Room*

Shade The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Hi There I'm Shade The Hedgehog I'll Be Your Tag Team Partner We'll Dominate The Tag Team Division In The 90's And 2000's

Jonathan: Great!!!

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